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3 Things My Clients Struggle With Before They Find Me

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Before they come to me, my clients feel:

  1. Tired

  2. Stressed

  3. Like their body is not their friend

Now, these people haven’t just been sitting back watching things get worse. No, they’ve been putting in the EFFORT.

They’ve tried:

1. More than one workout & diet plan.

They say things like “I eat well most of the time and I try really hard to workout. I don’t know why I still feel crappy and have bloating all the time”.

2. Hobbies & friend circles to stay positive.

They say “my friends are cool and supportive. I still feel alone and unmotivated.”

3. Therapy and/or they listen to self-help podcasts & books about health and how to be a better person.

They STILL say “I know I should be able to just be happy in the present moment, but it seems like I just CAN'T do it. What’s wrong with me?”

With all this self-doubt and feeling unlike themselves, they’re on edge at home. They doubt their expertise at work. I’ve even heard women say that they feel like a failure because they can’t figure themselves out.

Like, because they’re so capable in so many ways they should be able to make themselves feel good and they shouldn’t feel self-conscious about their body, and they should be more easy going. So many “Shoulds” run through my clients minds when we first meet.

And then, as we begin our work together, things begin to shift….

My clients start to realize that those shoulds are exactly what stands between them and - their joy. - their confidence. - And their next level of success. The women I work with actively peel back the doubts and imbalances that are keeping them tired and wired all the time….

When we met, my client Sasha (not her real name) , pushed herself to workout 7 days a week, kept herself on a very strict diet and constantly felt exhausted from little sleep, tons of work, and always being critical of herself.

She did this because she was trying to be the best version of herself and she, like many of us, was programmed to believe that if she wanted to be great, she had to suffer.

There had to be a fight.

So in everything she did - workouts, eating food, her friendships, there was resistance.

It made her think she was doing it “right”, but it made her FEEL exhausted, frantic, on-edge, and like at any moment a donut, bowl of pasta, or schedule change at her gym would make her whole life fall apart.

Sasha and I focused on building out practices and routines for food, movement, and self-care that allowed her to feel calm and confident in what she was doing rather than worried and on edge.

In our personal guidance sessions together, we unpacked why she felt the pressure to always be so spread thin and perfect.

Sasha has learned to:

  • trust herself and the choices she makes at her work as a medical surgeon

  • began caring for her body with genuine compassion

  • became pregnant!! (her dream) as a result of bringing true balance to her body, mind, and spirit

This can happen for you, too. It’s a matter of “when”, not “if”.

Are you READY to start feeling calm and confident and bring your desires into reality?!

Then don't hesitate + book a complimentary Wellness Activation Call (Valued at $200) where we will break down what is standing in YOUR way of great happiness, vibrant health, and deep love.


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