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Are you ready to create a Life on your terms?

Life isn't meant to be lived on auto-pilot, just getting through each day feeling like it's "fine"


Life is meant to be fulfilling, and the path there is much more straightforward than you might think. 


It's his time to ditch your anxiety, old patterns, and everything that's blocking you


It's time to Embrace Your Essence so you can step into a life of calm, clarity, and courage that is full of health, happiness, and love. 

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*Shift your biggest blocks and discover what it would be like to work together on this complementary 30minute call.

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I'm not just another life coach... 

Here's why my clients get results when they work with me:
True health and happiness are created from deep, genuine Self-Connection, and we establish that from the inside out in our work together.  

When working with clients, I use my background in Tantra Meditation, Hatha Yoga, and  Persian Spirituality to help you find balance within yourself;

In your body, mind, and spirit. 

Using my 3-step signature coaching framework,

you build a foundation within yourself that creates lasting love in relationships, success in your career, and health in your mind, heart, and body. 

This is a total life transformation that illuminates your inner strength and courage. 

Things I help my clients with:





Finding Passion + Purpose again


Sexual energy blocks 

No matter what you're dealing with - we'll get to the root cause, shift the block and rewire new ways of thinking and being so you can step fully into the life you were meant to be living.

Are you ready?



Embrace Your Essence

A 12-week group coaching program for ambitious women & men to get unstuck in life. 


We will teach you the time-tested tools & practices from this ancient healing science that will calm your mind and strengthen your body. (and do it all online, from anywhere. 

The best part? You'll be a part of an intentional healing community that supports and inspires you to elevate your health & happiness.


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Embrace Your Essence Retreat


Have you been feeling stuck?

Like you’re not living as the truest version of yourself?

Maybe life is generally good, but you know deep down you’re not connected to what brings you the most joy.

Embrace Your Essence Retreats are the perfect opportunity to take some time out of your busy schedule and reconnect with inner-self consciously so that you revitalize your inner sparks of joy, success, and love.


6-month Mentorship

For those seeking the most in-depth form of healing for your mind, body, and spirit, I offer long-term guidance on a limited basis.

For 6 months we dive deeply into transforming your physical, mental, and emotional pain/blocks into meaningful, tangible strength + clarity.

This is the most comprehensive form of healing guidance you will find out there.




Courage In Love Intensive 


This is a great option for people new to me and

just getting started with spiritual healing work. 


This 3-session coaching intensive is

specifically focused on healing relationship blocks, releasing toxic habits and patterns that have been showing up in your relationships with friends, family, and partners thus far. 

We will get to the root of your past pain and open your heart to real love using my 3-step coaching framework.



Complete Self™ Intensive

This 3-session coaching package is set up just like the Courage In Love Intensive, but it is not focused only on healing relationships blocks. 

This is a way to get to the root of your area of life that feels unclear, stuck, and in pain. Whether it's career, family, or your health, we will create a shift within you in just 3 sessions. 



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Conscious Relationship


This is a 6-month mentorship path for individuals to create new levels of love, intimacy, and joy in their romantic relationships.


For men & women who are seeking to rekindle connection, clarity, and intimacy in their romantic partnership after a big life change (baby, loss, etc).

For men & women who are single and looking to heal their heart of past pain and move beyond unhelpful patterns using my 3-step signature framework.




Client Love

"I was able to let my guard down at work. Directly addressing my sources of stress and doubt made me much happier!"

“As a woman working in a very stressful, competitive environment, I spent many years trying to suppress my emotions of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt at work in order to appear confident and competent. I had no idea the emotional toll this was taking on me and those closest to me until I began working with Parinaz. I worked one on one with Parinaz, and I was surprised to learn how universal the lessons of mindfulness and self-awareness are to professional and personal success. After a few weeks of working with Parinaz, I noticed that I was not only calmer and more confident at work and at home, but that I could also recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was able to let my guard down at work and found that directly addressing the sources of stress and doubt in my life made me much happier and more productive in the workplace. I can’t recommend Parinaz enough!”


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Hey I'm Parinaz & I want
to help you manifest a
life of abundance

Hey There, I'm Parinaz, I help driven, courageous, soulful women to get their lives back. 

Their health, their joy, their passion... their essence.


My unique background allows me to blend the Ancient Wisdom of 5000 year old Ayurvedic Wellness Practices with Persian Spirituality, and my years of experience in Fitness, Meditation and Coaching, to bring you the best in Personal transformation & wellness.


It's about Embracing Your Essence.

What's Your True Nature Blueprint?

Want to know the secret to unlocking abundance in your health, relationships, career and LIFE! It starts with knowing your True Nature Blueprint.

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