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Embrace Your Essence 


Reclaim your inner strength so that you can
thrive in confidence and ease. 

7 nights/8 days 
Xinalani Retreat Center | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
September 23rd-30th, 2023


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 It's time for a transformation... 

Are you looking for more out of life, but you're not sure where to turn?


Have you recently gone through a big life change, personally or professionally and you're searching for clarity?


Are you craving a renewed sense of purpose in your life, but everything you've tried so far has not resulted in meaningful and lasting insight? 

Then this retreat is for you. 

Embrace Your Essence COURAGE retreat is a powerful combination of healing tools including Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and African dance for a transformative experience that is healing and pure fun in Mexico's paradise.


This retreat with Parinaz will bring you the clarity and the courage you need to fully embrace the next steps of your journey with calm confidence.  


Are you ready?

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What you can expect on an 
Embrace Your Essence Retreat

These are not your typical retreats.  They are so much more than vacations in pretty places with some yoga and health smoothies thrown in... 


Each retreat is carefully designed by Parinaz to bring meaningful transformation and lasting healing to its participants.  

"This retreat was life-changing.  It has been transformative and deeply healing. I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience."

-Jane McKean, 2022 guest

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What's included in this retreat 

  • Accommodations of your preference, open-air and ocean views

  • Meals (3x/day) gourmet & fresh with snacks and coffee/tea

  • Transportation from the airport in Mexico to the venue

  • 2 private breakthrough guidance sessions with Parinaz ($250/session value each)


  • A pre-retreat packet full of reflection questions & Parinaz's personally selected podcast episodes to help you get in the zone and receive the highest level of transformation possible ($100 value)​

  • A post-retreat packet with an overview of the major topics covered and ways to continue your healing ($100 value)

  • A gift back of luxury wellness items ($100 value) 

  • Healing dance classes hosted by our in-house teacher, Kiki, who integrates the teachings of yoga into African dance and salsa for you to express your courage in a fun and safe way

  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience: authentic Sweat Lodge ceremony hosted by a local shaman to purify and cleanse your body & soul. ($55 value)


  • Connection, laughter, and joy brought to you in a friendly way (priceless, literally). 

Not Included 

  • Airfare

  • Spa treatments​

  • Bar snacks & drinks​

  • Additional activities ​

unique form of healing Yoga designed to 

  • promote circulation

  • reduce physical pain & inflammation

  • calm your nervous system


You'll learn Parinaz's personal Tantra Meditation Made Easy practice to

  • promote inner calm & clarity

  • reduce anxiety & uncertainty

  • relax and make it easier to rest


You'll learn Parinaz's personal Ayurvedic self-care routine to

  • keep your body strong and healthy all year. 

  • reduce gut issues & inflammation

  • reduce seasonal change related anxiety, stress, or illness

What You'll Gain 

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Sample Schedule
(shows 5 days to give you an idea; subject to change)

Day 1

2pm              Arrive & check-in* 
4-5pm         Orientation & a group introduction to the retreat center
5:30pm         Yoga
7:30pm         Dinner & group introductions/intentions

* Transportation from the airport to the retreat center will be arranged for you!

   Talk with our retreat coordinator, Olivia Perry, to book a flight that's best!

Your plane MUST arrive in Mexico before 4 pm  to catch the boat to the retreat center*)


Day 2 

7:30am       Coffee & fruit available

8am            Healing yoga* for all bodies 

10am           Breakfast

11am            Free Time

2:30pm       Lunch 

4:00pm      Group discussion related to courage

5:00pm      Somatic Sequence & Introduction to Tantra Meditation 

7pm            Dinner

8pm           Optional 1:1 session with Parinaz

Day 3

7:30am        Coffee & fruit available
8am             Healing Yoga* for all bodies 
10am            Breakfast
11am-1:00    Ayurvedic self-care discussion on Prana & keeping your body healthy during seasonal
                      change followed by a simple tutorial to reduce inflammation & stress in the body. 

2:00pm         Lunch
4:00pm         Free Time 
5:00pm        Healing Dance led by a trained African Dance teacher (all levels)
7:30 pm        Dinner



Day 4

7:30am        Coffee & fruit available 
8am:             Healing Yoga* for all bodies 
10:00am       Breakfast
11:00am        Ayurvedic self-care for optimal digestion 
1:30pm:         Free Time & Rest (optional spa treatment)
2:00pm:        Lunch 
4:00pm:       More Free Time (Spa treatments; kayak or snorkel)
5:00pm:       Guided Tantra Meditation for inner clarity & courage
7:30pm:        Dinner

*This is a great day to book a spa treatment!

Day 5

7:30am        Coffee & fruit available 
8am             Dance for healing led by our African dance teacher, Kiki. 
10am            Breakfast
11-12pm        Group activity: Sweat Lodge led by a trained spiritual shaman to cleanse & purify your
                      body & soul. 

2:30pm        Lunch 
5:00pm       Tantra Meditation with Parinaz
7:30pm        Dinner

Healing Yoga refers to a specific form of Hatha yoga Parinaz has studied to reduce inflammation, promote circulation
(helps with injury recovery), calm your stress response, and promote healthy digestion. ​


 Arrive before 4PM on the 23rd 

 Depart after 11Am on the 30th 


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Private and shared rooms options are available
Pay in-full or pay in 10 installments

Eco-Chic Suites 

$4,400 single occupancy

$3,070 shared occupancy

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eco chic

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eco chic 2

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ecochic suite
ecochic suite

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eco chic

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These open-air rooms are the best on the property. They are spacious and have expansive ocean views. They include king beds or 2 queens. They are great for friends or family to share or for someone who wants extra space to relax in solitude. Private bathroom & tea station. 

Payment Plans Available

Deluxe Rooms

$3,200 single occupancy

$2,500 shared occupancy


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deluxe room
deluxe room

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deluxe view
deluxe view

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These rooms are simpler and smaller, yet very comfortable and still offer a beautiful ocean view.  They have king beds or 2 smaller beds. They are open-air and have a small table with chairs for seating as you enjoy the afternoon breeze. Great for a solo traveler or 2 people who don't mind being a bit cozy. Private bathroom.

Payment Plans Available


$4,915 single occupancy

$3,320 shared occupancy


Large private room with a plunge pool.

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Spacious, king bed. Perfect for friends or an individual wanting more of their own space!

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casita bathroom 2
casita bathroom 2

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Large private room with a plunge pool.

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The casitas are the ultimate in luxury and privacy. They are spacious and have expansive ocean views. They include a private splash pool and a king bed. They are great for friends or family to share or for someone who wants extra space to relax in solitude. Private bathroom & tea station. 

Payment Plans Available

Hey! I'm Parinaz

I know it can be hard finding the time for rest & self-care
when there are always other things on your mind or you’re just too tired from life.


That's exactly why I created this retreat...  
Because sometimes, all we need is a little break from the norm so we can recharge and connect with others
who understand what it means to live a balanced life.


You’ll spend the weekend surrounded by the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

You’ll wake up to crisp, clean air each day and
the peaceful silence of this sanctuary will fill you with relaxation and   

I’m so excited to take this journey with you!



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Eric H.

This was life-changing. 

I've been on several retreats and this one gave me a breakthrough I've never experienced before. 

I'm ready to sign up for next year!


Cynthia W. 

This was my first yoga retreat, and I found everything in it non-threatening. It was mentally & physically enlightening. 

Bryan N.

The way Parinaz structures everything allows you to get so much out of the experience. I had major break throughs on this retreat.