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Hey! I'm Parinaz 

I know how it feels to work harder than anyone else, in your career and in your relationships, only to feel like it’s never enough.

I know what it's like to be exhausted in your physical body and want to just REST, but to never actually slow down.

Because there’s always one more thing to do, one more person to please.

For so long, I searched for meaning in life through my career and sought personal validation through romantic relationships. 
I thought having the high-paying, impressive job title and the “perfect” relationship were the keys to happiness...

(**Hint - it's not)

Does this sound like you at all?
If so, read on.

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From Classroom To Essence: An Inner Journey

My journey began in a fifth-grade classroom, where I was working as a teacher, seeking a purpose beyond societal expectations.

Amidst battling stress and navigating failed relationships, I realized there must be a path to happiness and calmness.

Embarking on my self-healing journey, I explored spirituality through mentorship and meditation, finding peace and resolution for anxiety, insomnia, and physical ailments.

These transformative tools, honed through years of study, birthed the Embrace Your Essence Spiritual Life Coaching and Mentorship Practice.

Embrace Your Essence invites you to uncover your core, break free from imposed narratives, and stand unapologetically in your truth.

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With unshakable confidence, we'll nurture relationships rooted in trust, build a fulfilling career, and cultivate a healthy body.

Because, at its core, love, success, and health can only thrive when you honor the promises you've made to your soul. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, where authenticity becomes the guiding light to your radiant essence.

Discover a transformative path to personal and professional well-being through my Complete Self™ Life Coaching.


Gain calm, clarity, and health by learning:

  • Spiritual Guidance and Customized Practices: Elevate your spiritual journey with personalized practices tailored to your unique essence.

  • Somatic Healing Tools: Reduce pain, inflammation, and signs of aging through effective somatic healing techniques.

  • Nervous System and Gut Health Support: Stay healthy, strong, and calm with targeted support for your nervous system and gut.

Ready to break free from toxic relationship cycles, embrace confidence in your skin, find career satisfaction, and lead a healthy, fulfilling life? Explore the possibilities of working together.

I offer healing retreats, online group coaching, and private coaching to guide you on your journey.


The COMPLETE SELF, is where you find healing, strength, truth and courage...
So you can finally live the life you were meant to

I'm Ready To Transform My Life...

*Book Your Complimentary 30 Minute Connection Call And Discover What's Possible For You...

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Are YOU ready to step beyond your roles & responsibilities & discover what  

truly fulfills you in life...

A Word on  Parinaz

Parinaz Shams is a Spiritual Life Coach for ambitious men and women.

She combines the wisdom of Ayurveda and Persian Spirituality with Modern fitness and Hatha Yoga to transform her clients lives...


She does this through her signature wellness retreats and private coaching program.

Parinaz’s academic studies include a M.A. from the University of Colorado in Human Development and Human Learning, where she studied cognition and education-based psychology.

Parinaz is a Colorado native and has lived between Denver and the Hawaiian islands for the last few years.



Are YOU ready to step beyond your roles & responsibilities
& discover what  truly fulfills you in life...

Smiling Woman

“The fluidity of the session driven by Parinaz’s intuitive gift for guiding stood out the most, it was radiant.”


Smiling Woman with Curly Hair

“I do not recall a time in my life when I have not felt alone. I have always felt as though I’m floating in the air. I do not know how to describe the feeling of being watched over and being claimed. When you were describing the messages you heard, I almost felt free.”


Beauty in Smile

“I did not know what to expect from the session, nor what I was looking to gain, but Parinaz asked meaningful questions which allowed us to access deep wisdom regarding my needs and direction.”



YOUR Roadmap To
Healing Your Complete Self

get the roadmap to complete wellness & START creating the life you were meant to be living! 


Interested in seeing how we can work together?

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