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Embrace Your Essence 

"I feel full. Joyful and empowered. I needed this to reboot and actually take the time for myself I had been saying I needed.

This retreat with Parinaz was an amazing experience.

I could not have asked for something better."

-Jane McKean, 2022 TRUST retreat guest

Without realizing it,  most of us get in our own way

while on the path to spiritual, mental, physical

fulfillment and success.

We get bogged down in the stress of every day life;

we internalize past pain and trauma that tells us we aren't good enough or love-able;

we get burnt-out on always trying to serve others and we lose sight of we

who we really are and what we really want.

Embrace Your Essence Retreats are designed for you

to move beyond what's been holding you back from living your most successful + fulfilled life and will guide you to show up as your more authentic self.

On these retreats, you will be immersed in nature,

empowered by an intentional community,

and nurtured by the healing wellness practices

woven thoughtfully through each moment.

Embrace Your Essence Retreats are hosted in some of the world’s most naturally beautiful landscapes.


The healing locations are carefully selected 

to deepen the transformation for its participants

and offer sense of personal clarity and freedom. 

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Retreats On Offer

There are currently no retreats on offer, but there will be starting in 2024! You can be the first to know about retreats by subscribing. Do this by clicking the small chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen and type the word RETREAT. We will be in touch from there!



A 4 day/3 night Colorado-based retreat for women who are ready to release their anxiety, stress, and self-doubt and cultivate a higher sense of self-confidence & calm

Thursday March 16- Sunday March 19th, 2023


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A 8 day/7 night Mexico-based retreat for anyone ready to experience the natural healing beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

Hosted at Xinalani Retreat Center, you'll experience healing yoga + meditation for your mind and body, local & delicious food for your health + belly, and adventures across the island that will inspire your heart + mind.   

Build-Your-Own Retreat


This retreat option allows you the freedom to choose your desired location, dates, and accommodations while still receiving the best wellness care + spiritual guidance from Parinaz.

We will custom-create a private experience targeted at your specific needs for deep healing.   

5 person maximum. 2 nights maximum. 

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