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Embrace Your Essence

It's your turn for a breakthrough. 

The most effective Spiritual Group Coaching Program that infuses ancient healing sciences - Hatha Yoga and Tantra Meditation - with proven coaching methods that bring a complete transformation to your life. 

Begins May 22nd, 2023 

A Breakthrough That Lasts

You know you want more out of life, but you're not sure how to get it or where to look. 


Even though in many ways you've reached success, you don't feel deeply fulfilled or present.

On the outside, it seems you have it all figured out, but on the inside you feel chaos, fear,  anxiety, and stress.

Unsure of how to break the ongoing cycles of pain in your relationships, health, and career, you've tried everything from self-help books to therapy sessions to pricey gym memberships, only to feel stuck still. 


You're not alone. 


A calmer, clearer life is possible. Only a conscious space that brings YOU into focus can allow your life to fully transform.

You can go from stressed & stuck to calm and free by healing your Complete Self™ inside the Embrace Your Essence Program. 

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program promise
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This program is for you if...

  • Your mind feels: foggy, overwhelmed, or scattered on a daily basis. 

  • Your body feels: tight, tense, inflamed, and in pain even though you try so hard to stay healthy.

  • Your heart feels: anxious, stuck, and lost even though you have been killing yourself to carve out a meaningful life. 

  • You've recently gone through a major life change & are seeking clarity.

  • You feel unsure of your path & purpose in life. 

  • If you've been saying, "What's wrong with me?" because you can't break unhelpful patterns

  • If you’re wondering: "When will it be my turn for love, joy, and abundance?"

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How helps

When you Complete E.Y.E. you'll be able to...

  • Clearly use your voice and trust in your decisions.

  • Trust your intuition and let it guide you through life's path. 

  • Give and receive love more openly and with trust. 

  • Care for your body from the inside out to heal past trauma and age with self-love. 

  • Respect your desires and boundaries with soft strength that honors your inner power. 

  • Walk confidently in your own skin knowing who the real you is and how to let your essence shine.  

me workout smile.jpg

You'll learn how to rebuild the foundations of your life using 3 healing Sister Sciences (Hatha Yoga, Tantra meditation, and Ayurveda) alongside my tested and proven Complete Self™ coaching method  So that you can embrace the true, vibrant, REAL you.

How it Works

Program Structure

When the program starts, you'll get access to an online learning space where weekly videos, teachings, and exercises will appear. It is designed for you to move through on your own, from anywhere with wifi. 

To support your individual learning, we will also have live group coaching sessions that will occur at a regularly scheduled time so you can plan for them. These calls are hosted by Parinaz and typically last 60-90 mintes. 

You also have the option to get additional mentorship privately with Parinaz throughout this program ot enahcne your personal journey of healing. 

For the most in-depth experience, you can join Parinaz's Embrace Your Essence Signature retreat in March, 2023 in Colorado for a discounted price. 

Break Down of EYE Program: 

There are 3 phases; Clarity, Connection; Courage.

Inside each Phase, you get a new mantra and spiritual healing affirmation to support your growth  and a check-list for each week so you can keep track of your progress.

Phase One: CLARITY

We jump right in and clear your energy system so you can start anew. Part one begins week 1 and concludes week 8. 

In part one of CLARITY (weeks 1-4) you will: 

Answer important questions that define your essence and your intuition, and explore the basis of your identity and your femininity. 

Dispel any limiting beliefs that have held back and knocked you down. 

Define your inward journey on your own terms and decide what your soul-powered life looks like.

In part 2 of CLARITY (week 5-9) you will:

Practice safe, effective, healing Tantra meditation designed to release long-hold blocks and limiting beliefs to your energy field. 

Learn the 3 essentials for setting up a meditation station that is sacred and will yield maximum results while meditating

Discover your personal mantra for deeper meditation & less monkey mind 



Connection phase is all about understanding your human existence from a holistic perspective and start your inner exploration. 

In this module you will: 

Learn how your physical body works using Ayurvedic knowledge

Understand what nourishes and supports your body in the most natural way possible

Discover how to best balance your emotional, mental, and energetic states. 


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When You Join Embrace Your Essence 

You'll learn how to rebuild the foundations of your life using 2 sister sciences of Healing (Hath Yoga and Tantra Meditation) alongside my tested & proved Complete Self coaching method so that you can finally live as the true,

vibrant you. 

  • Embrace Your Essence is a 12-week group mentorship program that takes place online. 

  • There are regularly schedule LIVE group coaching calls and self-study content for you complete each week.


What You'll Learn 

  • Somatic yoga sequences designed to reset your nervous system, release trauma from the body, and restore your inner calm so you can create real transformation. Parinaz has studied and practiced this yoga with her mentor, somatic expert, Dr Scott Blossom for the last 4 years. 
  •  Tantra Meditation Made Easy to help you heal energetic blocks and karmic contracts that are keeping you from living in your fullest expression so you no longer are hiding away important parts of yourself.  Parinaz has studied Tantra Meditation alongsid her teacher, 7th generation Tantra Spiritual Guru, Chandresh Bhardwaj, for 5 years. 


  • The exact framework that I have used to transform my life from anxious, in pain, and on-edge to calm, healthy, clear, and confident.


  • How to clearly identify the root cause of your unhelpful habits and patterns AND how to release them.

  • How to clearly identify your root emotions that cause trouble in your life and use them in moments where you need calm clarity. ​​

You'll Also Receive

  • Live group-coaching support to amplify your success and connect you to a life-long tribe of friends.

  • Self-reflection prompts and have regular accountability measures to keep you on track!

  • You also have the option to add-on 3 private coaching calls with Parinaz for even more healing, support, and guidance on your path to wholesome living. 

What You can Expect

When the program begins you'll get access to an online learning space where weekly audio trainings, teachings, and guided healing exercises will appear. It’s designed for you to move through on your own week to week, from anywhere that has wifi


To support your individual learning, we will have weekly LIVE group coaching calls hosted by Parinaz. There will be a regularly scheduled day and time and they will last between 60 and 90 minutes. 


You also have the option to receive private coaching sessions from Parinaz once we begin.

There are 3 phases to EYE Program: Clarity, Courage, and Consistency


In each phase, you will receive spiritual healing support and a weekly checklist to keep you on track.



We jump right in and clear you mental conditioning. Part one begins on week alone and will  last 4 weeks. 

In the CLARITY PHASE, you will answer important questions that define your essence and intuition.


You will explore femininity and dispel any limiting beliefs that have help you back and knife you down.


You will define your healing journey and decide what your soul-powered life will look like.

You’ll be introduced to healing Tantra Meditation and will receive a powerful healing mantra and guided meditations to support your clarity.




In the COURAGE PHASE you will learn and practice safe, effective somatic sequences to release trauma and stored memory of conditioning through the body. This phase will last 4 weeks. 


In the courage phase we will be where we bring the mental and physical healing together to supercharge your transformation using specially created somatic healing sequences to restore your nervous system.


You will release your pain from the physical body that you’re carrying as a result of stored up trauma and conditioning



The consistency phase is the final phase of the program. This is where we will be showing up in the new courage and clarity in all aspects of life. This phase lasts 4 weeks.


You will be pushed to step beyond your comfort zone and supported in maintaining a sustainable way to do that. We want you to be pushing yourself in this phase while yo have the live support of the program so that we can help make any adjustments needed to your new way of existing. 

In the consistency phase you will claim your new identity that is rooted in your essence and feel truly alive in your transformed self. 

How it wks
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A note from Parinaz 

Hey, I’m Parinaz.

I've always felt unconventional, like I never quite fit into life's standard programs.


I've struggled with relationships and my health...I've felt caged, quieted, and unseen. 


I've asked myself "Is it me?" and "Am I crazy?"

not just once, but repeatedly, for years. 

Well, I'm here to tell you what I needed to hear years ago...


There is nothing wrong with you. 

You are NOT crazy. You are not broken. 

And you don't have to doubt yourself any longer.



The first step in healing for me was releasing what I had been told was true about me


And getting curious about my essence.


I became obsessed with knowing the REAL me.

I surrendered my need to be perfect and know everything to the powerful practices of Meditation, Yoga, and Spirituality. 


I started to learn through these tools and my own spiritual mentor how to soften around my wounds so that I could show up in my real strength. 


In this program, I will guide you through the 3 phases of this spiritual healing journey to bring your health, love, and success back into focus. 


I'll show you the exact steps I've taken to get my life back and to finally start trusting myself. 


If I can do it, you can do it. 


Are you ready?  

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Yoga Practice


Somatic Sequences

For your Nervous System


Guided, effective sequences that don't take lone and can be easily implemented into your weekly routine.

These sequences are carefully designed with the support of Parinaz's mentor and teacher, Dr. Scott Blossom.


(VALUE $500)

group pic mexico.JPG


Conscious Community 

For you to be held


Past students have said they get so much out of the community alone.


Receive ongoing connection and trusted support so you don't feel alone or isolated.

(VALUE $priceless)

Breathing Meditation


Tantra Meditation

Made Easy

Guided meditations and mentorship about how to meditate from anywhere so that you are constantly healed and energetically balanced. 

These Tantra Meditations are carefully designed with the support of Parinaz's mentor and guru, Chandresh Bhardwaj.

(VALUE $1,000)


Parinaz STACK TEMPLATE -Masterclass.png

Pay In Full

When you invest with a one-time payment, you save! #Yay.

First, apply by clicking the link below & then you can confirm your payment choice!


1 payment of

Payment Plan

Payment plan includes 5 payments of $500, spaced out over 5 monthly.

The first payment will be made after your application is accepted!

5 payments of



Got Questions?

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What previous clients are saying

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I was calmer and more confident at work and home, I could recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was much more happier and productive in the workplace.

“As a female working in a very stressful and competitive environment, I spent many years trying to suppress my emotions of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt at work in order to appear confident and competent. I had no idea the emotional toll this was taking on me and those closest to me until I began working with Parinaz. 

I worked in guided group sessions with other women from a variety of professional backgrounds, and I was surprised to learn how universal the lessons of mindfulness and self-awareness are to professional and personal success.

After a few weeks of working with Parinaz, I noticed that I was not only calmer and more confident at work and at home, but that I could also recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was able to let my guard down at work and found that directly addressing the sources of stress and doubt in my life made me much happier and more productive in the workplace. I can’t recommend Parinaz enough!”

— Stacey Loen, 2019 Group Program Participant

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Pay In Full

1 payment of


Payment Plan

5 payments of


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