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How to Reset Your Nervous System: a step-by-step guide

Parinaz Shams| Founder of Embrace Your Essence| Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach

If you’ve landed on this blog it's probably because you read the previous blog, “Why don’t we do the things that are good for us?”

If you haven't read that yet, I recommend heading there and at least skimming it and then coming back because it will put these steps into context.

Now, that you’ve done that, let’s dive into the specific steps you can take to learn how you can reset your nervous system.

These are the exact steps that I take each and every day to reset my nervous system (with 2 days where I don’t and do other self-fulfillment and healing practices because, hashtag balance)

How to reset your nervous system:

  1. Practice somatic healing yoga at least 4 days a week

  2. Meditate using the Tantra Energy Transmutation Method

  3. Rest & have fun - go out into nature; take a walk; create; dance. Literally anything that is fun to you, go do it.

These 3 things will reverse the story in your nervous system and reset your energy.

They also circulate Prana, which is your life force and is the most essential way to create a new pattern in your life. Listen more about prana here.

I’m going to break down each of these into specifics.

1. Somatic healing yoga

This is not the type of yoga you’ve seen at core power or on YouTube. You don’t have to be flexible or even own a pair of yoga pants. These are not performative yoga postures where your six-pack is shown off. They are simple, easy to do for any age, stage, gender, and background. They are about the circulation of prana rather than performance.

Yoga is not about performance. It's about Circulating Prana to reset your nervous system.

The simplest somatic posture I can guide you through in written words is something called legs up the wall.

Scoot your booty close to a wall and then swing your legs up onto the wall. Your heels will be pressing into the wall gently and your torso will be on the ground or bed.

You can stay like this. It does so much for your prana because it reverses the flow of blood. If you imagine your body like a water mill, the water flows up and down on that mill. Your body is no different, it needs blood to flow in all directions to keep yourself from stagnating physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

Next, you can take your hands and place them behind your head like you’re lounging at the beach. Take 2 sighs of relief exhales through the mouth, then seal the lips.

Begin nasal breathing.

Then slowly close your eyes and attempt to relax the eye.

Soften the eyelid and space around the eye.

Then attempt to soften the back of the eye. The space behind the eye. This feels like a sinking or spreading sensation.

Because the eye is directly connected to the brain, and the brain is directly connected to the nervous system, relaxing the eye will relax the nervous system.

This simple movement has a profound relaxation effect across all layers of your being (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic).

Think of it as the restoration on your being.

I say this often and I think it’s incredibly underrated. Healing is not complicated. It should not ever be convoluted. It’s simple techniques that offer seriously effective transformative healing that we’re after here.

Learn Somatics to circulate Prana & heal your nervous system on an in-person retreat with Parinaz this September!

In-person retreats for inner transformation

2. Tantra Meditation:

I could seriously go on for days about Tantra and the powerful meditations that this spiritual science offers. I found Tantra meditation when I met my spiritual guru 5 years ago. I had no intention of starting meditation, but I was in desperate need of guidance in my life as I was feeling super stuck in my career and relationships cycles and unsure of how to live a fulfilled life when it seemed like everything I worked hard for would end up disappointing me or not turning out the way I thought.

Then came Tantra. It was first recommended to me by a friend who knew I had experienced sexual assault in colecollegelge. They said “I think Tantra can help, why don’t you look ti up” So in my searches for Tantra, I found my teacher. Long story short, it has helped, but it is so much more than sexual healing.

Tantra is the science of energy transmutation.

That means Tantra meditations have the power to transmute (transform, change, alchemize, choose your preferred adverb), the heaviness, past pain, trauma, and fears within you into clarity, calm, and courage. Basically, it takes the metaphorical lead within you and turns it into gold.

You might be saying,

“Are we talking about hippie shit now where we shove crystals up our hoo-has”. This may very well sound woo-woo, but it is the God’s honest truth.

I know it because I've experienced first hand and so have my clients. Tantra Meditations, when done right and well, have the power to transform you.

I was the ultimate skeptic, too.

But now that I have done these meditations every day for 5 years straight, many times more than once per day, I am a testament to how much you can change your beliefs systems, habits, addictions, deeply seeded fears, abundance, and love life, just by meditating.

If you’re curious, then Invite me to give it a try. I’ve got free Tantra-style meditation for you to try here.

If you want to dive deeper into the fundamentals of Tantra Meditation, consider joining my group coaching program, Embrace Your Essence, where we go in-depth into how to meditate in this way for ultimate energy transformation.

3. Rest and fun:

Rest is not the same as sleep! Rest happens in addition to sleep. Resting can be fun, too. You don’t have to think of rest as being lazy couch potato vibes.

It could be sitting at a beautiful park and taking in the details of the natural setting. It could be reading poetry, making a cup of tea, and being fully present.

Rest comes when your senses are calmly engaged in something peaceful and satisfying. Rest and bliss are closely connected. So go towards your bliss and you will feel rested.

We get so bogged down in the responsibility, heaviness, and stress of life that our lack of fun is a main source of our perpetual procrastination.

When you have fun, you’re more courageous. Go be courageous, just go for it, and have fun.

I'd love to know how this blog resonates with you! What topics related to healing and spiritual growth would you like to read more about? Drop below in the comments! It's so helpful and I greatly appreciate your wisdom.

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