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Fitness & Movement
with Parinaz

We are spiritual beings in a human body.


When we engage in physical movement with awareness, we are directly energizing and awakening our spirit.

You cannot move forward in life and in your health until your mind, body, and nervous system are all functioning from a place of balance and harmony. 

As a life-long athlete and exercise-junkie, Parinaz has a passion for helping people recognize their inner strength through mindful movement.

Cheers to moving, breathing & connecting


Yoga, Barre & Mindfulness customized to fit your needs & schedule.

30-minute private session: $65

60-minute private session: $125

5-pack: $600

10-pack: $1200

30-minute mindfulness add-on: $50

*mindfulness sessions can include breath work, guided meditation and somatic emotional regulation techniques.


Want to get fit and toned and love on your body? Want to give your mind, body aaand spirit a work out that brings complete connection to self...

You can join Parinaz for virtual movement classes livestream or on-demand at

Sama virtual wellness space.

Yoga, Barre, HIIT & Mindfulness customized to fit your needs & schedule.


How do fitness & spirituality go together?

1. Your physical body is the container for your energy & spirit.

Because exercise consciously engages your body, you grow stronger & become more connected to yourself when you move consistently. This deep connection to self automatically allows your true nature to flow freely and more authentically.

2. Your body holds trauma & pain.
This shows up through your skin, size, and your stamina.

Moving your body mindfully allows for a subtle & effective release of known & unknown blocks to your emotions/energy that are holding you back from thriving at your highest potential.

3. Your body is a reflection of your level of self-acceptance.

Feeling your body struggle as you exercise helps you constantly redefine your personal limits, perception of success, and allows you to take greater risks.


Perfect for improving your physical strength, endurance, & to lean out your body...


Sessions are customized to each person’s goals and fitness abilities and will include a combination of strength training and yoga techniques to increase flexibility.

If you’re seeking to cultivate confidence and balance in your body and mind, Parinaz is your coach!

  • Flexible scheduling & cancelation policy

  • Close follow-up and accountability

  • Personalized Guidance

  • Option to add-on guided mindfulness strategies to enhance your wellness practice.

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Got Questions?

Schedule a complimentary connection call with Parinaz  to learn more about how fitness can support your physical and spiritual health, and to discuss your unique needs...

Cheers to moving with awareness & joy!

Book Your Connection Call...
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client success

see what past fitness clients are saying

“My overall confidence and strength have grown tremendously.

When I started with Parinaz my balance was off, my body was weak, and my mind was lacking confidence.


I have worked with her for about eight months and I feel the strongest, sexiest I have in my entire life and overall just feel better mentally in my days.”


- Adelita Jensen; age 36

“I wasn’t sure at first how this would work.


I understood how Parinaz could help me physically the best because I had been to her classes and found her YouTube Channel of HIIT and yoga exercises…


But when we started combining fitness and the personal guidance…I can’t describe in words…


I’m literally watching my life change for the better  before my eyes.


I’m stronger, in a healthy relationship, and actually growing more now than ever…that’s remarkable.”

-Amanda G; age 43

“ I’ve been training with Parinaz once to even three times a week for almost a year now and my body is stronger than ever.


I can do seriously sweaty workouts with heavy weights, multiple days in a row and not be in pain.


Once you see your body changing for the better, the motivation grows. It’s so addicting. And she’s never boring!”

-Deana F; age 42

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