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Courage To Be Creative

A sacred space to unleash your inner entrepreneur, secret artist, and bold adventurer in a fun, supportive community.

This is a 6-month transformative online mastermind. Through weekly meetings, we'll explore Tantra Meditation, creativity mantras, somatic yoga, and guidance from Parinaz to help you expand your life's work into a source of joy and wisdom to be shared. It's time your work feeds your soul and the world. 

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To Awaken Your Inner Artist

Inner Child 

Healing To Reclaim Your Essence

Somatic Support

To Restore Your Nervous System

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"Parinaz creates spaces that are like north stars for your soul. She will hold you, nurture you, and help you expand in the best ways you can't imagine today."

 -Don G. 

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Creativity is critical to your survival and well-being.

Without it, your happiness and success dwindles over time.

By tapping into your creative power, you can transform your business, start something new, or deepen your self-expression.

However, many of us have become disconnected from this power.


We've gotten caught up in the daily grind, chasing success and security, and never let our creativity guide us.

You might even believe you're not creative at all (like i believed for years), which could be why you're struggling.


It's time to break that cycle now, reclaim your essence, and ignite your creative power.

So If You Are...

  • A brave, adventurous seeker who wants to live freely, but has felt caged by the need to be in a stable and predictable career or lifestyle. 

  • A hardworking, driven person who wants more than the hustle and grind.

  • A creative, empathetic person who wants to help others, but has lost your motivation lately.

  • Genuinely wanting to help others and open to learning how to balance serving other with meeting your own needs.

  • Experiencing chronic pain in your lower back, hips, shoulders, or neck, and you are tired of feeling heavy, tired, and older than you are.

  • Yearning for clarity on how to feel calmer and more motivated during your days, and you're open to learning how creativity can help you get there.

  • Craving a community that supports you, respects you, and nurtures you rather than judges you or makes you feel drained. 


You're In The Right Place

Before working with Parinaz, I didn't know who I was. I didn't feel whole. Now I do. I feel whole. 

-Ayla E.

Art creates a profound connection between the artist and the audience so both can heal. 

-The Creative Act

This work with Parinaz has elevated every aspect of my life. I know understand self-love and what that means. 

-Bryan N.

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If you want lasting happiness, success, and health you need a method
to reclaim your creative power 
that works. 

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When you look at people who are

truly fulfilled and successful:

>They're brave enough to live beyond the conventions of their cultural norms. 

>They know how to listen to their body's intuition for guidance.

>They honor their creative process over "hard work" to build a business or project that serves and makes an impact. 

> They have balance in their life and they let artistic expression be a way of living, not a silly pastime. 

They all have in common:
a clear pathway to their creative essence

And that's exactly what's taught inside Courage to be Creative Mastermind.

"I am so grateful for the space. I feel like it’s a lifeline in a way, without it I wouldn’t feel supported. Just having a time every week to feel heard and to listen is just… worth a million bucks.."

 -Diana L.

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What if...

  • I don't feel artistic or creative.

  • I want financial success as well as happiness. 

  • I'm really busy and don’t have the time to be creative.

  • I don't know how creativity helps with financial success and making a big impact.

These are just a few of the things I was saying not long ago when I was trying to build my business and not burn out.


I get it, and I'm going to teach you everything I know about how spiritual healing tools and creative guidance can transform your life on all fronts. 

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​Here's the thing:  It’s not your fault if you aren’t succeeding in the way you want.


You've been trained to work hard and be a "good" person your whole life. ​ You've been told that will lead to happiness and success and love and joy. 


It will not. The real truth is: you feel burnt out and disenchanted with your life because there are very real patterns and blocks standing in your way. 


The great news is that there's a solution.​​

These are just some of the things students have said before joining Embrace Your Essence Program.

They also were feeling stuck, at a dead-end, exhausted,

and unsure how to really start feeling better.

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When the program starts, you'll get access to an online learning space where weekly videos, teachings, and exercises will appear. It is designed for you to move through on your own, from anywhere with wifi. 

To support your individual learning, we will also have live group coaching sessions that will occur at a regularly scheduled time so you can plan for them. These calls are hosted by Parinaz and typically last 60-90 mintes. 

You also have the option to get additional mentorship privately with Parinaz throughout this program ot enahcne your personal journey of healing. 

For the most in-depth experience, you can join Parinaz's Embrace Your Essence Signature retreat in March, 2023 in Colorado for a discounted price. 

Break Down of EYE Program: 

There are 3 phases; Clarity, Connection; Courage.

Inside each Phase, you get a new mantra and spiritual healing affirmation to support your growth  and a check-list for each week so you can keep track of your progress.

Phase One: CLARITY

We jump right in and clear your energy system so you can start anew. Part one begins week 1 and concludes week 8. 

In part one of CLARITY (weeks 1-4) you will: 

Answer important questions that define your essence and your intuition, and explore the basis of your identity and your femininity. 

Dispel any limiting beliefs that have held back and knocked you down. 

Define your inward journey on your own terms and decide what your soul-powered life looks like.

In part 2 of CLARITY (week 5-9) you will:

Practice safe, effective, healing Tantra meditation designed to release long-hold blocks and limiting beliefs to your energy field. 

Learn the 3 essentials for setting up a meditation station that is sacred and will yield maximum results while meditating

Discover your personal mantra for deeper meditation & less monkey mind 



Connection phase is all about understanding your human existence from a holistic perspective and start your inner exploration. 

In this module you will: 

Learn how your physical body works using Ayurvedic knowledge

Understand what nourishes and supports your body in the most natural way possible

Discover how to best balance your emotional, mental, and energetic states. 


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How It Works:

Phase 1:

Discover what creativity is and claim your inner artist (artists are not just people who can paint and majored in art in college) during our weekly meetings. Start practicing meditations and writing to your inner artist.  

Phase 1:

Realize your beliefs and patterns currently blocking your creative power, making it hard to be happy and successful.  Begin relinquishing your patterns through Inner Child healing meditations.

Phase 2: 

Use astrology, human design, and Somatics to restore your nervous system to balance so you feel safe enough to create openly. Begin letting creative play into your daily life without restraints or judgement.

Phase 2:

Begin  "artist sessions" where you will have dedicated time in our weekly meeting to create your business plan, write poetry, or otherwise tap your creative pursuit discovered in phase 1. 

Phase 2:

Share your work in progress with the group to receive support, insight, inspiration, and collaboration if applicable without fear of judgment, stealing, or criticism.

Phase 3:

Continually connect with your newly found creative power to lead your next chapter with confidence and courage. Stay connected to your community as you go forward in bold authenticity.

How Do I Know This Mastermind Is Right For Me Now?

  • You've been burnt out, anxious, exhausted, and unfulfilled and you keep hanging on with no change or sign of joy around the corner. 

  • You've already done everything "right" and even read the self-help books or paid for business support only to see zero growth in your work impact, success, or flow. 

  • You're tired of forcing and fighting all the time at work, leaving your creative essence at the door. 

  • Your body is already hurting and telling your "THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!"

Imagine This, You Are Just Like Clay:

Believe it or not, most potters don't know what they are about going to create when they sit down at the wheel. 

They let their creative power guide them. They close their eyes of judgement so that their inner eyes of wisdom and intuitive creation can turn on. 

By the end, they have created a beautiful piece. A mug, a bowl, a vase.


But it all began as a hunk of clay that looked like nothing and a person willing to let go of their need for an outcome, need for control, and become the medium for creative power to flow through their hands into the clay. 

You are that potter. Now is your time to learn how to become the medium for whatever special universal gift wants to flow through you.

Clay Hands

If that's this is making your heart sing, then your journey can start today.

How it wks
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A Note from Parinaz 

Hey there. I've always felt unconventional, like I never quite fit into life's standard programs.


I've struggled with relationships and my health...I've felt caged, quieted, and unseen. 


I've asked myself "Is it me?" and "Am I crazy?"

not just once, but repeatedly, for years. 

Well, I'm here to tell you what I needed to hear years ago...


There is nothing wrong with you. 

You are NOT crazy. You are not broken. 

And you don't have to doubt yourself any longer.

The first step in healing for me was releasing what I had been told was true about me, and getting curious about my essence.


I became obsessed with knowing the REAL me.

I surrendered my need to be perfect and know everything to the powerful practices of Meditation, Yoga, and Spirituality. 


It changed everything. I started my own business, I found love. But, it all plateaued again.


What I had to learn next was how to use my creativity to soften my wounds so I could show my real strength. 


In this program, I will guide you through the exact steps I have walked to expand my business, land huge opportunities like a feature on the cover of a magazine, and more.


I'll show you the steps I've taken to start trusting myself. 


If I can do it, you can do it. 


Are you ready?  

Be You

Pay In Full

When you invest with a one-time payment for 6 months, you save $350! #Yay.

You save $100 on your investment and you get a $250 private session with Parinaz

fo' free!

1 payment of


The best option if a lump payment won't cause financial distress for you. Have the peace of mind knowing it's all covered for 6 months!

Pay As You Play

Make monthly payments of $515. Don't pay for the months you don't participate.

The space is always available to you rejoin if you need a pause.

Monthly payments of


Perfect for you if you have fluctuating income and need the breathing room to budget each month. 


Got Questions?

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What people say about Parinaz's programs:  

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