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Courageous Comeback

Soul-medicine for driven, independent women who are ready to release long-standing shame, self-doubt, and unhealthy relationship cycles that have hindered peace, freedom, and success in relationships and career paths.

Courageous Comeback is a 4-month program hosted online.

It offers a profound shift, breaking you free from cycles of anxiety and self-doubt. Throughout this transformative journey, emerge stronger with newfound resilience and clarity.  

Join a welcoming community of like-minded women that fosters powerful transformations and support along this journey.

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To Support You


To Heal Your Nervous System


To Cultivate Self-Love

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"I let go of anger and grief I didn't even realize I was carrying. I got more out of this program than I did in 5 years of therapy."

 -Chiara Myers

A proven solution for:

 Anxiety | Self-doubt | Chronic pain | Burn-out | Overwhelm | Trust Issues

I know how it feels to deeply crave success and freedom. To have stability and inner calm. But it can feel so hard to get there when you're trapped in cycles of burnout, anxiety, and a chronic fear of disappointing others. 


That's why it's critical for you to break those cycles now, so you can rise as the wild-hearted woman you are and claim your life of freedom, fulfillment, and fun.

So If You Are...

  • A brave, adventurous woman who wants her light of confidence to shine, but has been dragged down by a pattern of people-pleasing and perfectionism.

  • A mother, sister, or daughter, and friend who wants to be more open, but finds it hard to trust herself and her abundance. . 

  • A passionate service-minded individual who loves making positive impact in her community, but feels different and doubts what she brings to the table.

  • Experiencing chronic pain in your lower back, hips, shoulders or neck, tired of feeling heavy each and every day and wanting to have your playfulness back.

  • Yearning for clarity on how to calm your anxiety, heal your trauma, and recover your intuitive wisdom so you can move towards what is right for you in life. 

  • Craving a community that supports you, respects you, and nurtures you rather than judges you or makes you feel drained. 


You're In The Right Place

Before this, I didn't know who I was. I didn't feel whole. Now I do. I feel whole. 

-Ayla E.

It's life-changing to have finally addressed the root-cause of my anger, anxiety, and stress.

-April S.

This work has elevated every aspect of my life. I know how to love myself. I know what that means and how to do it now. 

-Bryan N.

If you want lasting happiness & health you need a method
to reclaim your essence
that works. 

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program promise

When you look at people who are

truly fulfilled:

>They trust themselves and they don't break their boundaries for others. 
>They know how to listen to their body's intuition.
>They are kind to themselves, they don't tear themselves down. 
> They have balance in their life - between work, home, health, and pers
onal joy - and they are committed to that balance. 

They all have in common:
a clear pathway to their essence

And that's exactly what's taught inside C.C. Program

"I am so grateful for the space. I feel like it’s a lifeline in a way, without it I wouldn’t feel supported. Just having a time every week to feel heard and to listen is just… worth a million bucks.."

 -Diana L.

How helps

I want to feel better, healthier, and happier, but.....

  • I'm new to yoga and don't think I can do it. 

  • I've tried meditation and doesn’t work for me.

  • I'm really busy and don’t have the time to heal.

  • I’m not flexible or strong physically. 

  • I am worried to be in a group, it’s too vulnerable! 

Here's the thing...


It’s not your fault if you aren’t succeeding in the way you want.​ You've been told it's so easy to be successful and happy. But it's not because there are very real patterns and blocks that are standing in your way. 


The great news is that there's a solution.​​

These are just a few of the things we hear from students before they join this program.  I get it...and I'll teach you how to do this so it really works for you! That's my speciality.

me workout smile.jpg

These are just some of the things students have said before joining Embrace Your Essence Program.

They also were feeling stuck, at a dead-end, exhausted,

and unsure how to really start feeling better.

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When the program starts, you'll get access to an online learning space where weekly videos, teachings, and exercises will appear. It is designed for you to move through on your own, from anywhere with wifi. 

To support your individual learning, we will also have live group coaching sessions that will occur at a regularly scheduled time so you can plan for them. These calls are hosted by Parinaz and typically last 60-90 mintes. 

You also have the option to get additional mentorship privately with Parinaz throughout this program ot enahcne your personal journey of healing. 

For the most in-depth experience, you can join Parinaz's Embrace Your Essence Signature retreat in March, 2023 in Colorado for a discounted price. 

Break Down of EYE Program: 

There are 3 phases; Clarity, Connection; Courage.

Inside each Phase, you get a new mantra and spiritual healing affirmation to support your growth  and a check-list for each week so you can keep track of your progress.

Phase One: CLARITY

We jump right in and clear your energy system so you can start anew. Part one begins week 1 and concludes week 8. 

In part one of CLARITY (weeks 1-4) you will: 

Answer important questions that define your essence and your intuition, and explore the basis of your identity and your femininity. 

Dispel any limiting beliefs that have held back and knocked you down. 

Define your inward journey on your own terms and decide what your soul-powered life looks like.

In part 2 of CLARITY (week 5-9) you will:

Practice safe, effective, healing Tantra meditation designed to release long-hold blocks and limiting beliefs to your energy field. 

Learn the 3 essentials for setting up a meditation station that is sacred and will yield maximum results while meditating

Discover your personal mantra for deeper meditation & less monkey mind 



Connection phase is all about understanding your human existence from a holistic perspective and start your inner exploration. 

In this module you will: 

Learn how your physical body works using Ayurvedic knowledge

Understand what nourishes and supports your body in the most natural way possible

Discover how to best balance your emotional, mental, and energetic states. 


By the end of Courageous Comeback, you 'll have

Transformed your mindset towards your own life, past events that have kept you stuck in anger, self-sabotage, people-pleasing and more.  

Healed your past wounds that are subconsciously playing in the background of your life, causing anxiety, tension, pain, and stagnation.

Discovered specific healing tools in an easy, effective way that does not require a six-pack of abs or flexibility to feel light, younger, and more alive in every way.

In as little as 12 minutes a day (yes, it's that simple) know how to exectute a clear routine for Somatic Healing Yoga and Tantra Meditation that transforms your life. 

The exact framework that Parinaz has used to transform my life from anxious, in pain, and on-edge to calm, healthy, clear, and confident.

Tapped into your courage through healing tools, personal guidance, and inner healing so you confidently make choices in your life today that create a future of real happiness & health.

Real Talk....C.C. Is Not for Everyone

  • ​​If you DON'T want to learn how your body, mind, and spirit are connected.

  • If you DON'T want to dive deep to your inner self to find happiness from the inside (happiness is an inside job).

  • If you don't want to to clearly identify the root cause of your unhelpful habits and patterns AND how to release them. ​

  • If you don't want to learn how to let your wild, playful, and fun side come forward. 

Imagine This, After Just 4 Months You:

>>Know how to listen to your body in new ways that  boost your confidence and support your physical health.

>>Feel healthier, lighter, and happier in your own skin.

>>Wake up calmer, more present, and energized. 

>>Are ready to take on life with hope, joy, and courage.

>>Making choices for your future that feel aligned with your True Self, not the voices of comparison or expectation. 

>> Respecting yourself in new ways, not giving in to pressure or fear of what others think.

>>No longer self-sabotaging or leaving yourself for last and you are living more successfully, personally and professionally.


If that's the future You that you've been craving, then

your 4 Months can start today. 

How it wks

A Note from Parinaz 

Hey there. I've always felt unconventional, like I never quite fit into life's standard programs.


I've struggled with relationships and my health...I've felt caged, quieted, and unseen. 


I've asked myself "Is it me?" and "Am I crazy?"

not just once, but repeatedly, for years. 

Well, I'm here to tell you what I needed to hear years ago...


There is nothing wrong with you. 

You are NOT crazy. You are not broken. 

And you don't have to doubt yourself any longer.

The first step in healing for me was releasing what I had been told was true about me, and getting curious about my essence.


I became obsessed with knowing the REAL me.

I surrendered my need to be perfect and know everything to the powerful practices of Meditation, Yoga, and Spirituality. 


I started to learn through these tools and my own spiritual mentor how to soften around my wounds so that I could show up in my real strength. 


In this program, I will guide you through the 3 phases of this spiritual healing journey to bring your health, love, and success back into focus. 


I'll show you the exact steps I've taken to get my life back and to finally start trusting myself. 


If I can do it, you can do it. 


Are you ready?  

Yoga Practice


1:1 Breakthrough Session with Parinaz


Dive deep with Parinaz for 45 minutes to fully release anxiety blocks, mental self-sabotage, or nervous system overwhelm that has you stuck and stagnant. 

(VALUE $250)

group pic mexico.JPG


Tarot Card Reading

Receive a personalized Tarot Card Reading that helps you gain insight on what your intuition is guiding you to do for success, freedom, and calm. 


(VALUE $150)

Breathing Meditation


Natal Chart Reading

Receive a personalized natal chart reading to help you see how your planetary alignment can be utilized to your benefit for business success, relationships joy, and personal changes you've been wanting to make. 

This is a game-changer!

(VALUE $150)


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Pay In Full

When you invest with a one-time payment, you save! #Yay.

First, click the link below & then complete your!

1 payment of


Payment Plan

Payment plan includes 5 payments of $500, spaced out over 5 months.

5 payments of



Got Questions?

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What previous clients are saying


I was calmer and more confident at work and home, I could recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was much more happier and productive in the workplace.

“As a female working in a very stressful and competitive environment, I spent many years trying to suppress my emotions of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt at work in order to appear confident and competent. I had no idea the emotional toll this was taking on me and those closest to me until I began working with Parinaz. 

I worked in guided group sessions with other women from a variety of professional backgrounds, and I was surprised to learn how universal the lessons of mindfulness and self-awareness are to professional and personal success.

After a few weeks of working with Parinaz, I noticed that I was not only calmer and more confident at work and at home, but that I could also recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was able to let my guard down at work and found that directly addressing the sources of stress and doubt in my life made me much happier and more productive in the workplace. I can’t recommend Parinaz enough!”

— Stacey Loen, 2019 Group Program Participant

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Pay In Full

1 payment of


Payment Plan

5 payments of


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You deserve support on

Your Healing Journey

You deserve to live as your truest, calmest, most courageous self. 


Too many people are caught in the false idea that they have to do everything perfectly on their own and asking for support is weak.

You're not weak if you get support. You’re courageous. And courage is the most sustainable form of strength out there. 

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