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transform your life masterclass

Become the realest & greatest version of yourself. 

Go from lost & stressed in life to clear & calm.

It's time to elevate your existence

Time to completely transform who you are from the inside out so that you can live

  • Fulfilled & content in your life personally & professionally

  • Confident in your own skin & connected to your inner strength

  • Joyful & at ease and present for what matter most

  • Available to giving & receiving real love in your relationships

  • Increase your success without losing your competitive edge or unique personality

In fact, it's time that your true personality - the real essence of who you are - shines in every way


And is no longer clouded by the ongoing

  • Stressors and pressures of your work or relationship

  • Cycles & patterns that have you stuck, behind, and not satisfied with life. 

  • Fears, doubts and uncertainties that have you lacking trust and confidence

  • Anxiety that no one really understands you or values how much effort you give

  • Disappointment that no one seems to be able to support you emotionally the way you do for them

  • Physical ailments, illness, aging, and weight gain that come along with these burdens you've been carrying 

This masterclass is for you if:

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  • You're struggling to be present in your life today.

  • It's difficult for you to to feel fully calm and relaxed because there's a voice within constantly saying that you should be doing more or accomplishing something.​

  • You’ve recently gone through a big life change and you're searching for clarity about how move forward in a way that serves you.

  • You're craving more moments of joy, laughter, and fun where you can be the REAL youbut it feels impossible because of the responsibilities you have to juggle.  

  • You're doubting yourself and your choices some or most of the time.

  • You ask yourself, “When will I be cared for, held, and loved the way that I care for, hold, and love others?”

  • On the outside it looks like you've got it all figured out, but on the inside you're scared, unfulfilled, and unsure how to turn things around. 



  • November, 2022 (specific date is being finalized & will be emailed to you if you've reserved your spot). 

  • This Masterclass is free & is held via Zoom.

          (A link will be emailed to you when you enroll and again the day of the masterclass)

  • You'll receive an "Essence Packet" that will be used during the masterclass to get you real insights and break throughs right there on the call 

  • The masterclass will last between 60 and 90 minutes.

  • It is hosted LIVE by Parinaz Shams

  • There will be time for questions at the end

  • You'll hear about Parinaz's signature online Spiritual Life Coaching Program at the end of the class and be offered a special discount into the program should you choose to enroll for joining the masterclass 

Will this be worth my time?

  • I'm all about being efficient.

  • I'm not going to waste your time or mine with information you can find on YouTube, a podcast, or self-help book.


  • I'm going to focus on delivering real, useful, and applicable information about how to change your life for the better (for good) that is not offered in the mainstream "self-help" or "wellness" spaces. 

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Success Stories

Hear from people who have worked

with Parinaz 

“I was in a toxic relationship where I doubted myself a lot. 
I was always anxious and felt lost and confused.
Thanks to this work with Parinaz, I know how to soothe my anxiety and realize how I can anchor into myself...I've been able to show up for myself and what I believe in."

Perry R.


Send your questions directly to Parinaz and she will get back to as soon as possible!

Can’t wait to connect with you.