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transform your life masterclass

  How to go from stressed out, anxious and stuck... 
to feeling calm, joyful and radiating confidence 
in all areas of your life!


Go from lost & stressed in life to clear & calm.

Why the self-help books and therapy haven't been working

I know how it feels to spend months if not years and loads of energy trying to digest all the best ways to "move-on" after bad relationship ends

Paying expensive therapists to find solutions to improve yourself, only to feel like you already know what the therapist is telling you

Because you've already been trying your best to:

>> Feel calmer and more at ease in your mind

>> Improve your habits and patterns showing up in your lifestyle and body

>> Reduce the anxiety, trust issues, and self-doubt that shows up equally powerful at work and in your relationships

Does this sound like you? 

If so, the Transform Your Life Masterclass is exactly what you need. 

This powerful Live session with Parinaz is going to take you into exactly why the usual methods of self-improvement and traditional therapy are good, but usually only up to a certain point 

And what you really need to be doing to transform your life in the ways you've been craving. 

Parinaz has infused a unique set of skills - ancient healing practices like yoga and Tantra Meditation - alongside practical, tested coaching and guidance techniques  in a signature 3-step framework that effectively creates meaningful shifts within people. 

If you've been going wanting more out of life... But you're not sure how to get it -
- this is the class for you



  • Reeling from a recent breakup with your partner - maybe you've just gone through a gut-wrenching divorce and you're trying to pick up the pieces of you're life...

  • Or maybe you keep finding yourself dating the same partner - over and over,  and you're wondering what's going on and where all the "good" ones are? Are you doomed to be alone forever, or stuck with partners who don't deserve you?

  • Are you struggling with chronic fatigue, low energy, chronic unexplained pain - going from expert to expert seeking answers?

  • Maybe you've been through intense trauma in your life and you've spent years in therapy - but you still aren't living the life you know you deserve.

  • Or maybe you're "just" chronically stressed...

  • And you're still punching the keys of your laptop at 10pm at night, struggling to keep up with the never ending to-do list, and then not being able to sleep because your mind just won't switch off...

  • Are you giving, giving, giving to everyone around you - but no one ever gives back in return?

    And you sacrifice everything - to be your best, but your life is passing you by and you know you were meant for more than just working, sleeping, eating and working again

These things may seem disconnected. But they are not.

They are all healed when you learn the three secrets to true transformation, to complete healing, to living the life you were born to live. ​

And no - I'm not talking about fluffy manifestation woo, I'm talking about 5,000 year old, ancient healing practices that bring the body, mind and spirit into complete alignment -- designed to crack open your essence.

So you can get back in touch with who you are at you very core. And begin to transform your life.

In fact, it's time that your true personality - the real essence of who you are - shines in every way...


And is no longer clouded by the ongoing

  • Stressors and pressures of your work or relationship

  • Cycles & patterns that have you stuck, behind, and not satisfied with life. 

  • Fears, doubts and uncertainties that have you lacking trust and confidence

  • Anxiety that no one really understands you or values how much effort you give

  • Disappointment that no one seems to be able to support you emotionally the way you do for them

  • Physical ailments, illness, aging, and weight gain that come along with these burdens you've been carrying...

    No - you deserve, calm, confidence, joy, abundance, health, wealth, and happiness in BOTH your personal and professional life. 

    And in this masterclass I'm going to show you HOW to get it.  







You'll leave this masterclass knowing:

  • The exact 3-step framework you need to break through the root cause of your anxiety, stress, and bad habits so you can thrive at your full potential. 

  • The real reason reading self-help books, watching YouTube, and spending 5 years in therapy isn't giving you the REAL and lasting change you crave. 

  • And what you need to do to unlock the abundance code and reconnect with your deeper essence -- so you can live a life of deep, meaningful, connected relationships, vibrant, energized health, and incredible joy, playfulness and wonder at life and you living your life.

By the end of our hour together, you'll discover: 

  • How to finally feel calm, peace, and ease in your mind and body

  • And you'll learn about the ancient spiritual tools that have been helping people for thousands of years to feel connected and confident again. 

It's time to stop existing...
and start LIVING.

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You're struggling to be present in your life today.

  • It's difficult for you to to feel fully calm and relaxed because there's a voice within constantly saying that you should be doing more or accomplishing something.​

  • You’ve recently gone through a big life change and you're searching for clarity about how move forward in a way that serves you.

  • You're craving more moments of joy, laughter, and fun where you can be the REAL youbut it feels impossible because of the responsibilities you have to juggle.  

  • You're doubting yourself and your choices some or most of the time.

  • You ask yourself, “When will I be cared for, held, and loved the way that I care for, hold, and love others?” and you're struggling to trust others.

  • On the outside it looks like you've got it all figured out, but on the inside you're scared, unfulfilled, and unsure how to turn things around. 



  • When: 

  • Where: This Masterclass is free & is held via Zoom.

          (A link will be emailed to you when you enroll and again the day of the masterclass)

  • What to expect: The masterclass will last between 60 and 90 minutes.It is hosted LIVE by Parinaz Shams​. There will be time for questions at the end

  • You'll hear about Parinaz's signature online Spiritual Life Coaching Program at the end of the class and be offered a special discount into the program should you choose to enroll for joining the masterclass 

Will this be worth my time?

  • I'm all about being efficient.

  • I'm not going to waste your time or mine with information you can find on YouTube, a podcast, or self-help book.


  • I'm going to focus on delivering real, useful, and applicable information about how to change your life for the better (for good) that is not offered in the mainstream "self-help" or "wellness" spaces. 

Success Stories

Hear from people who have worked

with Parinaz 

“I was in a toxic relationship where I doubted myself a lot. 
I was always anxious and felt lost and confused.
Thanks to this work with Parinaz, I know how to soothe my anxiety and realize how I can anchor into myself...I've been able to show up for myself and what I believe in."

Perry R.


Send your questions directly to Parinaz and she will get back to as soon as possible!

Can’t wait to connect with you.

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