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Courage To Be Creative 
Awaken Your Inner Artist

A space where you can explore your creativity without it feeling weird or silly. A space where your creativity will be honored and you'll learn how to nurture it, expand, it, and fuel it so that you can evolve your life in every way.

This mastermind will meet weekly for 6 months beginning June 2024, with the option to extend after that. 

The meetings will include guided topics related to what hinders your self-expression currently, Somatic and Meditation support to unlock that self-expression, and use your creative energy in the most authentic and freeing way possible for you today.

This space will open you up to new and important parts of yourself.

This special group container will have its first meeting  in June!

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of creative seekers to support you

Somatic Yoga

To heal your Nervous System and restore self-trust

Tantra Meditation

To cultivate self-love and activate your creative courage

"When I realized I have creativity in me at all times and my creative expression are acts of divinity through me, I was more confident than ever."


       -Charis F.

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What is Courage to Be Creative?

This is an deep-dive mastermind for individuals seeking to expand their professional and personal path using courage and creativity as your guide.


You will cultivate self-expression that leads to courageous actions that fulfill you, free you, and lead from your innermost desires.

You will get in touch with what your creativity means and how to express it courageously so you feel whole and open.

So, If You Are...

  • A brave, adventurous seeker who wants to live  in freedom personally and professionally.

  • A hardworking person who wants more than the hustle and grind.

  • A creative, empathetic individual who wants to help others, but has lost your motivation lately to burnout.

  • Experiencing chronic pain in your hips, lower back, or neck and shoulders and you are tired of feeling heavy, tired, and older than you are. 

  • Yearning for clarity on how to feel calmer and more motivated during your day, and you're open to learning meditation to help you get there. 

  • Craving a community that supports you, respects you, and nurtures you rather than judges you or makes you feel drained. ​​

You're In The Right Place

How helps

What People Say About Parinaz's Programs:

"Before this program, I didn't know who I was. I didn't feel whole. Now I do. I know who I am. I know my values. I feel whole."


-Ayla D.

"Without this program and the community of other ladies in it with me, I would not have had the clarity or the trust in myself needed to make the pivotal changes I have. "

-Stacey L. 

"I'm recommending this program to everyone I know. it's been so eye-opening and I can feel myself changing already."


-Casey M. 

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By the end of Courage To Be Creative, you 'll have:

Tapped into your creative voice and learned to accept your inner artist rather than suppress them.

Tapped the power of Somatic Yoga to restore your Nervous System. You will master specific Somatic Movements to heal your body and mind.

Discovered the power of Tantra Meditation and begun creativity-focused mantras to unblock your energy flow.

Experienced the freedom of letting go of your "good person" persona and started to lead from your creative essence.

The exact framework that Parinaz has used to help expand her career into a creative zone of fun and freedom, and how you can too.

Created a deeply powerful and supportive community for LIFE of like-minded individuals to support you and guide you through this transformation.

How it wks

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What previous clients are saying


I was calmer and more confident at work and home, I could recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was much more happier and productive in the workplace.

“As a female working in a very stressful and competitive environment, I spent many years trying to suppress my emotions of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt at work in order to appear confident and competent. I had no idea the emotional toll this was taking on me and those closest to me until I began working with Parinaz. 

I worked in guided group sessions with other women from a variety of professional backgrounds, and I was surprised to learn how universal the lessons of mindfulness and self-awareness are to professional and personal success.

After a few weeks of working with Parinaz, I noticed that I was not only calmer and more confident at work and at home, but that I could also recognize my own essence becoming more accessible. I was able to let my guard down at work and found that directly addressing the sources of stress and doubt in my life made me much happier and more productive in the workplace. I can’t recommend Parinaz enough!”

— Stacey Loen, 2019 Group Program Participant

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