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Go from stuck & stressed to free & calm in one weekend.

Reclaiming Freedom

A transformational retreat held in Taos, New Mexico to start living for yourself so you can be present, confident, and available to love. 

March16 -19th, 2024

This was one of the most impactful weeks of my life.The way the retreat is organized, the depth, the community. It's life-changing.
I'm ready to sign-up for next year!
 -Eric H.

Transformational Retreat For

Trauma healing | Anxiety | Chronic Pain | Burn-out| Relationship stress | Trust Issues | Self-sabotage


This retreat is much more than a getaway.
It's an immersive experience focused on reclaiming your inner wisdom through Inner Child Healing and Ancestral Healing work.
Join a community of kindred spirits—individuals who, like you, are seeking to live fully and embrace their uniqueness.
You know you're destined for more than the Standard Game of Success that's loaded with stress, self-sabotage, and repeating cycles that wear you down. It's your turn for a transformation. 

Or Four payments of 

yoga sand dunes.png

Trying to break free from the relentless cycle of living for everyone else is exhausting. 

Tirelessly doing what's deemed "right" only to be left burnt-out, under-appreciated, and under-loved is not working for you.

It's a disheartening moment when the person staring back at you in the mirror feels like a shell of the person you know you can be.

That's exactly why a transformational healing retreat is so important for you now.

So you can reclaim your personal power, rise into the person you truly are—strong, intuitive, fiercely fun, and wild-hearted in your passion.


So If  You Are

A brave, adventurous woman who wants her light to return, but has been dragged down by people-pleasing and perfectionism.​


A mother, sister, or daughter, and friend who wants to be more open, but finds it hard to connect and share love and joy with ease. 


A passionate service-minded individual who loves making positive impact in her community, but feels weird, different, and doubts what she brings to the table.


Experiencing chronic pain in your lower back, hips, shoulders or neck, tired of feeling heavy each and every day and wanting to have your playfulness back.


Yearning for clarity on how to calm your anxiety, heal your trauma, and recover your intuitive wisdom so you can move towards what is right for you in life. 


Craving a community that supports you, respects you, and nurtures you rather than judges you or makes you feel drained. 

You're In the Right Place

This was my first yoga retreat, and I found everything in it non-threatening.

It was mentally & physically enlightening.

-Kiki W.

This was life-changing. 

I've been on several retreats and this one gave me a breakthrough I've never experienced before. 

-Jane M.

The way Parinaz structures everything allows you to get so much out of the experience. I had major break throughs on this retreat. 

-Bryan N.

Summary Of  Important Details

Type: Transformational Healing Retreat

Dates: March 16th-19th 2023

Duration Thursday- Sunday (4 nights)

Location: HyperSlow Retreat Center, Taos NM

Elements: Somatic Healing Yoga, Meditation Made Easy, Inner Child Healing, Ancestry healing.

Food: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided plus snacks, coffee & tea

Special Features:

  • A 45-minute guidance session with Parinaz ($200 value)

  • Community zoom calls before the retreat (valued at $150 each)

  • Luxury wellness gift bag ($100 value)

Skill level: All are welcome.


Sample Schedule

Thursday - March 16th

  • 4pm:              Arrive & check-in (please plan to arrive no later than 6:00pm)

  • 5pm:              Orientation & a group walk around the property

  • 5-6:30pm:    Yoga for tight & stiff bodies

  • 7pm:               Dinner & group introductions/intentions for the retreat


Friday - March 17th

  • 8 am:            Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12 pm:     Guided Group Discussion & Dynamic Yoga (all levels)

  • 12:30pm:       Lunch

  • 1-4 pm:         Free time (rest, walk, spa treatments, venture offsite). 

  • 4-5 pm:        Cozy Happy Hour (non-alcoholic herbal infusions created by                             our private chef)    

  • 5:45pm:        Optional 1:1 session with Parinaz

  • 7 pm:             Dinner

  • 8 pm:             Guided Tantra Meditation to receive clarity, courage, and strength.

SATURDAY - March 18th

  • 8 am:            Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Free Time (great time for spa treatments)

  • 12:30:             Lunch

  • 1-3 pm:         Fire Ceremony preparation & Intention Setting

  • 5:00pm:        Guided Meditaiton 

  • 7 pm:            Dinner

  • 8 pm:            Persian Ceremony for cleansing and renewal

SUNDAY-  March 19th

  • 8-9:30am:    Traditional Persian Breakfast (other options will be available)

  • 10:00am:       Closing circle

  • 10:30 am       Check-out & departure (the latest you can check out is 11 am. You can choose to stay and use the hot springs after check out). 

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Your Accommodations

Private Suite

$2,600 or 6 payments of 

Shared Suite

$2,400 per person or 6 payments of 

What's Included

  • Accommodations

  • Meals (3x/day)​


  • 1 private breakthrough guidance session with Parinaz ($250/session value)​​​​

  • A pre-retreat packet full of reflection questions & Parinaz's personally selected podcast episodes to help you get in the zone and receive the highest level of transformation possible ($100 value)​​

  • A post-retreat packet with an overview of the major topics covered and ways to continue your healing ($100 value)​

  • A gift back of luxury wellness items ($100 value) ​

  • Once-in-a-lifetime authentic Persian New Year rituals to purify and cleanse your body & soul($100 value)​

  • Delicious food cooked fresh daily catered to your preferences ($1,000 value) ​

  • Connection, laughter, and joy brought to you in a friendly way (priceless, literally). 

Not Included

  • Transportation. This includes all flights & car travel to and from Joyful Journey.  (we do arrange an optional carpool once the group is finalized)

  • Spa treatments​. There are massages and facials that you can book through Joyful Journey Hot Springs. They are world-known for the treatments, so don't miss out and book early!


jj group_edited.jpg

What You'll Gain From This Retreat

Somatic Healing Yoga that will help:​

  • reduce physical pain & inflammation in your body

  • reconnect to your instincts so you can trust yourself

  • restore balance to your nervous system so you can feel calm


Tantra Meditation that will help:

  • you connect to your Inner Child with clarity 

  • connect you to the feminine consciousness around and within you

  • Reduce painful memories of the past that are impacting your happiness 


Ancestral healing that will help:

  • you ground into your purpose 

  • recover your sense of loneliness so you are connected always

  • restore your confidence so you are fully alive and free 

Delicious gourmet food cooked fresh daily catered to your preferences.

Connection, laughter, and joy are brought to you in a friendly way.

Mountain Path

Where You're Going

Joyful Journey Hot Springs, located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, is a small, simple and very calming healing site.


While it has very few frills, this place draws tens of thousands of people each year because of its energy.


From the time of the first indigenous tribes that inhabited the San Luis valley, these hot springs have been a space where weapons are laid down so all can gather to receive personal guidance and clarity.

This non-violent, nurturing, and transformative sense of community is still palpable today as you walk throughout the property. 

While Joyful Journey accommodations are simple, Embrace Your Essence Retreats takes great care to provide you luxury wellness treats, gourmet food, transformative personal guidance from Parinaz, and once in a lifetime experiences


Embrace Your Essence retreats at Joyful Journey Hot Springs are truly magical. They will allow you to escape your norms and receive the calm, clarity, and healing you need.  

Gourmet Meal

What You'll Be Eating

Mouth-watering, soul-nourishing, gourmet food is a staple and absolute highlight of this retreat.

Parinaz's mother is the private chef for this retreat.


She has over 30 years of professional chef experience. She's catered everything from retreats to birthdays to weddings for over 350 people, and has a talent of making each meal feel like a close, intimate family gathering.

Parinaz's mom cooks a variety of dishes from different cuisines. On this retreat, she will be honoring the family's Persian roots by preparing traditional Persian breakfast on the final morning and traditional dishes for the final dinner. 

You'll have all meals, snacks, desserts, as well as tea and coffee provided to you each day. 

We can accommodate your allergies, sensitivities, and preferences with advance notice. 

Hey there ! 

I know it can be hard finding the time for rest & self-care
when there are always other things on your mind or you’re just too tired from life.


That's exactly why I created this retreat...  
Because sometimes, all we need is a little break from the norm
so we can recharge and connect with others
who understand what it means to live a balanced life.


You’ll spend the weekend surrounded by the natural beauty of Colorado’s Sangre De Cristo mountains.

You’ll wake up to crisp, clean air each day and
the peaceful silence of this sanctuary will fill you with relaxation and   

I’m so excited to take this journey with you!



Meditating in Nature

Have any questions?

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