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What You're Not Told About Digestion & Your Success

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

There’s so much around digestion and how it directly impacts the quality of your fitness, relationships, and your success professionally that is really not talked about in Western nutrition, wellness, and fitness spaces.

And as a result, it’s not something quickly turned to in spiritual spaces either when discussing why we keep falling into patterns of :



fear and more when it comes to trying realize a more abundant life.

But, the physical process of digestion IS directly tied to the well-being of your mind, body, AND spirit.

We’re going to unpack in this post what we haven’t been told and what is not being talked about that you need to know about digestion today.

To preface, everything that I share on this topic comes from Ayurveda, which is an ancient healing science that was born out of India over 5,000 years ago.

I’m also going to share Persian insights on this topic because Persian people have also known for thousands of years that the mind, body, and spirit are supported individually through healthy digestion.

Let’s dive in…

First and foremost, Ayurveda shares that our digestion is a literal source of power within us. It’s a fire that burns in us and feeds our focus, thereby feeing our productivity and creativity. It feeds our mood and mindset, too. This ultimately influences our level of overall happiness in life.

This digestive fire burning within you lives deep in your torso. And I’m going to break down how the digestive process actually works. It’s more than just a passive physical process that occurs whenever you eat food.

Digestion is a much greater process that gets triggered as soon as you start salivating. As soon as you see food and say, “wow, that looks so good” and, “wow, that smells amazing” your digestion is stimulated.

When you put food in your mouth, your digestive fire starts to burn as you chew and swallow. The process continues actively as food reaches your stomach and eventually passes through you.

Now, I’m bringing this up because a lot of us don’t realize the sheer extent of the digestive process. Instead, as it was for me for a long time, a lot of us think, “yeah, my stomach is doing some work, but I’m doing other stuff. I’m working. I’m having a conversation. I’m driving. I’m exercising or I’m sleeping.”

Digestion is a process that engages with your senses and therefore needs to be done with complete awareness because it can then engage you fully in the present moment.

When you’re engaged in the present moment, you’re more available to feelings of ease, calm, and gratitude…ya know, the good stuff we’re always chasing after.

Now a second thing to note about digestion, and this is BIG. The ancient wisdoms have known this for thousands of years…we digest more than just what we eat and drink.

In fact, everything and anything that comes in contact with our senses gets processed through our digestion.

That means the stuff we watch on TV.

The stuff we listen to on podcasts and we the music we play.

That means the conversations we have at work, with friends, family, and most importantly,

the conversations we have with ourselves.

Knowing that EVERYTHING that hits one of your 5 senses moves through your digestion and impacts how strong your digestive fire burns, it comes so clear how important it is to be aware of what it is that we’re digesting.

Now, on some level, you already know this. Western science tells us that there are good foods and bad foods, right?

If you eat “junk” foods, your digestion will be slow, you’ll gain weight, you’re not going to be happy and you’ll be anxious and depressed. The opposite is true if you eat “healthy” foods.

But then why do people who eat kale salad all the time still struggle with the things listed above?

Kale salad doesn’t give us confidence, clarity, and ease….because there’s more to this process.

The digestive fire, which is called Agni (pronounces Ugh-knee), is the engine for your mental clarity, physical strength, mood and outlook on life. When the Agni is depleted due to poor digestion, so is your productivity, enthusiasm, and presence of mind.

We are always stoking the flames of our Agni, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Whether we care or not…everything we do matters.

When we are not aware of how to we are stoking its flames, we can guarantee that we are contributing to our anxiety, ailments, and illnesses.

The good news, there are simple and very effective steps you can take NOW without overhauling your entire life to restore and keep balanced your digestive fire.


Listen to the podcast episode here where I share Dr. Lad’s (Ayurvedic doctor) morning routine that will kickstart your digestion & keep your health, wealth, and abundance high.

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