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Evolve everyday

Elevate your life and unlock your true potential with Evolve. 

The ultimate destination where you seamlessly integrate mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being into your everyday journey.

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Join Evolve

Elevate Your Health & Happiness

Transform The Quality

of Your Daily Life

Say hello to a world where health & healing is not just within reach, but an essential and joyful part of your daily existence.

It's time to break free from the exhausting cycle of hopping from one expert to another.

Whether it's a therapist to untangle your mind, yoga classes to ease bodily pain and stiffness, or countless meditation apps that leave you feeling disconnected, we know how tiring and frustrating it can be to live without cohesive support and guidance...

Enter Evolve Membership – your comprehensive solution to embrace holistic well-being and reclaim control over your life.


 Introducing Evolve Membership:
Your All-In-One Path to Empowerment and Wellness

Imagine having all your needs met in one place. Evolve Membership offers you:

Somatic Healing Yoga Videos: Transformative sessions accessible anytime, anywhere, designed to strengthen your body and adapt to seasonal shifts, ensuring your well-being remains resilient through change.

✓ Guided Tantra Meditations: Journey into the realm of energy healing and emotional awareness, fostering deeper connections in your relationships and greater contentment within yourself.

✓ Monthly Masterclass Calls: Embark on a guided exploration of targeted topics expertly curated for Evolve members, led by Parinaz Shams herself, a seasoned Somatic Expert and Meditation Guide with over 7 years of transformative experience.

Step into a realm of holistic growth and empowerment.


Evolve Membership is your sanctuary, your resource, and your community. It's your time to evolve, flourish, and thrive – with all the support you need right at your fingertips.

Evolve Provides 4 Essential Tools Everyone Needs for Self-Improvement:

1. Somatic Healing Yoga to banish your body's chronic pain caused by stress & trauma.

2. Tantra Meditation to boost your emotional intelligence necessary for success in all areas of life.

3. LIVE classes & expert-level mentorship to overcome challenges, break barriers, and uncover your true potential.

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4.Goal-setting & routine setup to help you stay consistent and accountable to your healing practices.

Bonus Tool:

Community that uplifts, motivates, and stands by your side.

Save thousands of dollars and get LIVE coaching & classes to transform your life!

Many individuals often find themselves spending excessively on services like Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care, Life Coaching, Yoga Classes, and others...


Yet, despite these efforts, they often feel that the underlying issue that led them there in the first place remains unresolved, leaving them with the sense that they need to continue seeking help indefinitely.

Join Evolve Membership today and witness your journey of self-discovery and empowerment like never before. Your potential is limitless, and your transformation awaits.


Stop Feeling Alone & Exhausted
In Your Search For A More Fulfilled Life

Pick the package that works for you. 


  • Save $250 on enrollment into Embrace Your Essence Program **

  • Private Community & Dedicated App (Value $997)


  • Weekly Live Coaching (Value $10,000)

  • Community Healing & Connection (Priceless)


Save $100

**If you've enrolled in the Embrace Your Essence Program already, then you receive an Exclusive 1:1 coaching session with Parinaz (value $250)


  • Private Community & Dedicated App (Value $997)

  • Weekly Live Coaching (Value $10,000)

  • Community Healing & Connection (Priceless)


billed monthly

Try the membership for 30 days! If you don't like it, we'll refund you.

After that, if things change , you can cancel your membership at any time.  You can re-join the membership any time too!

All you need to do it click here. We will cancel your membership immediately.

We do not offer refunds on annual memberships after 30 days. 

Still not sure if Evolve is right for you?

Send your questions directly to Parinaz and she will get back to as soon as possible!

We can’t wait to connect with you.

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