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Embrace Your Essence


4 day/3 night retreat 
in the heart of the Colorado Mountains.
April 7-10th, 2022.​


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Spa Pool
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Bring Balance & Joy To

Your Mind, Body & Spirit...

Are you someone who's achieved success in your life?

From the outside, does it seem like you have your life together and everything works out for you?

On the inside, though, does it feel stressful, chaotic, and like at any moment you could snap and all of your success will crumble under you?

Do you question yourself by thinking, "Am I just a phony?"

Does this anxiety keep you up at night,

keep you from being your true self,

and have you walking on egg-shells in your own life?

You're not alone.

So many high-achieving people like you become powerful in their career

and still feel

unworthy of their accomplishments.

They doubt themselves because there is a piece of them

that never really had the chance

to be validated and seen...

Many women + men experience early trauma or loss, and have to grow up quickly,

becoming financially and emotionally responsible for themselves.

As a result of always being the problem-solver and the go-getter,

you don't really get the opportunity to closely examine

how YOU are doing.

How you FEEL beyond your default response of, "I'm fine!"

You don't get the space to let all of your desires, dreams, fear, and pain be acknowledged and healed.

Am I right?


This retreat is the very space you need to show up as the

Complete You and TRUST

in a community that will support and guide you.

This space is where you will identify

what is holding you back AND

what you can do about it

to start releasing that harsh inner voice, and start living in

greater calm and confidence.

This retreat is going to bring you closer to yourself.


Not your job, or your responsibilities.

To the real, inner you that is craving nurturing, love, and connection.

This  retreat will guide you through a process of self-discovery so that you can stop chasing after external sources of happiness

start living an authentic life 

full of joy, freedom and abundance.

You're going to be surrounded by people, experiences, and food that bring you balance to your mind, body, and soul and allow you to tap into the greatest inner resource you have...


You’ll be able to explore Yoga, Meditation, & Ayurvedic self-care
while enjoying one of Colorado’s most sacred healing sanctuaries.

Join us at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Colorado for this 4 day, 3 night experience
to bring balance back to your mind, body, and spirit.


Summary Of  Important Details

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TYPE: Wellness Retreat.

DATE: April 7- 10th 2022.

DURATION: 4 Days, 3 Nights.

LOCATION: Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Colorado.

ELEMENTS: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Self-Care, Persian Spiritual Guidance.

FOOD: x3 daily meals (yummy & nutritious! Tell us your restrictions!)

FREE GIFTS:  x1 45min one-on-one breakthrough coaching session with Parinaz. 
Swag Bag of goodies!

SKILL LEVEL: All are welcome.

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Have you ever felt completely moved by what you see in nature?


Watching the changing color of the sky at sunset, reaching the peak of a mountain and looking at the vast landscape around you and beneath you, mesmerized by the consistent rise and fall of the ocean’s tides? 

There aren’t words you can put to it Sometimes…right? 


Do you seek out time in nature?

Feel better physically, mentally, and energetically when you’re outside,

breathing fresh air, moving your body through the natural elements?


There’s a reason we seek out beauty in nature.

There’s a reason nature and its scenes bring us serenity, peace, clarity. 


It’s because we are also creatures of nature - so on some level,

we know- that nature is a reflection of our deepest self.


Nature shows us the grandeur, courage, and patience that is possible for us. 


And it reflects what we are most deeply seeking.

Strength. Beauty. Confidence. Fluidity. Vivid Clarity. 


It wears the colors of our souls.


Because of this, nature is the greatest teacher we have.  


Not only does it show us what is possible...

It reminds us that our human life is impermanent and relatively small

 making it worth treasuring and respecting. 


Colorado is the land of majestic mountains & endless skies.


Its rugged landscape has long been a destination
for those seeking to heal and expand their

mind, body, & soul. 

Its mountains offer an unparalleled sense of protection to those who visit them and the stretches of open sky awaken personal freedom within.


As a Colorado native, I hold deep respect for the state’s vast beauty  and feel there is no better place to host a retreat full of serenity, healing, and transformation. 


This retreat is held at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. 

These area holds a special blend of grandeur and serenity. The pink and yellow sunrises color the open sky each day as the long stretches of flatland against the mountains create a perfect blended backdrop of ease and strength.


At night, you can get lost in a sky full of stars as the moon lights up the mountain edges.

 Joyful Journey Hot Springs is a small, simple, yet very calming healing site. Its people are quirky, friendly, and genuine. From the site you can see a 360 degree view of sunset at night and enjoy changing perspectives of the mountains right from your room. 


Joyful Journey Hot Springs is truly magical!

 It will allow you to escape your normal activity and release your expectations.


This unique & gently inviting area will give you permission to just “be”. 

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Image by Sam Dellaporta

Hey! I'm Parinaz

I know it can be hard finding the time for rest & self-care
when there are always other things on your mind or you’re just too tired from life.


That's exactly why I created this retreat...  
Because sometimes, all we need is a little break from the norm
so we can recharge and connect with others
who understand what it means to live a balanced life.


You’ll spend the weekend surrounded by the natural beauty of Colorado’s Sangre De Cristo mountains.

You’ll wake up to crisp, clean air each day and
the peaceful silence of this sanctuary will fill you with relaxation and   

I’m so excited to take this journey with you!



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What Can I Expect?

Your day will start with a balancing morning yoga + breath work session,
followed by a nutritious breakfast.

Our group will then flow into a mid-morning discussion
& guided Ayurvedic practice for balancing your mind, body, and energy.


As the afternoon arrives, you can choose from a variety of activities - walking the labyrinth on site, enjoying a soothing spa treatment, or venturing offsite to one of Crestone’s hiking trails. An afternoon nap is always an option, too : )

We’ll finish each evening with a meditation to cultivate the trust & clarity you’ve been seeking.

By the end of the weekend, your energy will be recharged,
your perspective will be expanded,
and you will have made meaningful connections to carry forward.


Your transformation awaits you...

Are you ready?

Yoga Session
Walking Club
Image by Mathilde Langevin


Thursday - April 7th

  • 4pm:              Arrive & check-in

  • 5pm:              Orientation & a group walk around the property

  • 5-6:30pm:      Yoga

  • 7pm:              Dinner & group introductions/intentions


Friday - April 8th 

  • 8am:             Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Guided Group Discussion & Dynamic Yoga (all levels)

  • 12:30pm:       Lunch

  • 1-5pm:          Free time (rest, walk, spa treatments, venture offsite).                   

  • 5:45pm:       Optional 1:1 session with Parinaz

  • 7pm:             Dinner

  • 8pm:             Guided Meditation


SATURDAY - April 9th

  • 8am:             Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Guided trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park 

  • 12:30:             Lunch

  • 1-3pm:          Return from the park  & free time

  • 5:00pm:        Yoga

  • 7pm:              Dinner

  • 8pm:             Guided meditation & journaling


SUNDAY-  April 10th

  • 8-9:30am:    Breakfast

  • 10:00am:       Closing circle

  • 10:30am:       Check-out & departure


What makes this retreat so special?

This experience is designed to get you out of the daily stressors and get you into your body for balance & healing.

The yoga, meditation & self-care practices taught are empowering, time-tested methods to stay strong & clear mentally, physically, and energetically long after your weekend away.

This retreat will provide the space for you to go inward & gain clarity about that area of your life that has felt heavy and uncertain.

Our group activities will allow you to release any fears and doubts that have been holding you back from feeling your best and will support you in cultivating trust and gratitude.

You will have what’s needed to honor your physical body and connect with your true nature. 

The grounding & energizing venue will invite you to finally rest your mind and body that you’ve been working so hard. By the end of the weekend, you’ll feel more available and ready to take on your next steps in life.


This is your opportunity to reset your energy and renew your perspective on your health & life.


You will make meaningful connections to other like-minded people,
to nature, and to your own mind, body, and soul.

Image by Chris Ainsworth
Image by Persnickety Prints
Relaxing Massage

What's included in this package?

  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations*

  • Access to the site’s natural hot springs.

  • Three healthy and delicious meals each full day.

  • Daily morning yoga + breath work.

  • Yoga mat & props.

  • Guided reflections & afternoon activities.

  • Ayurvedic self-care instructions for balanced physical well-being.

  • Guided nighttime meditations.

  • Private 45-minute guidance session with Parinaz.

  • Towels & Robes.

  • An Embrace Your Essence retreat swag bag full of wellness goodies!

  • *The accommodations are simple. Please bring any pillows or additional sleep accessories that will allow you to fully luxurate this weekend!

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What's not included.

Transportation. This includes all flights and car transport to and from Joyful Journey Hot Springs.

Reach out to Retreat Coordinator, Olivia Perry*, for help choosing your flight!

*Please contact Olivia to organize your best flight arrangement before making your retreat investment ! She will reply to you within 24 hours!

Spa services. There are massages and facials that you can book through Joyful Journey Hot Springs. They are world-known for the treatments, so don't miss out and book early!


This retreat offers two accommodation options. You can enjoy the comfort of a hotel room, or enjoy the full Colorado experience in a cozy Yurt. You can also choose between private and sharing rooms. Shared rooms give you the opportunity to connect deeper with like-minded retreaters. The choice is yours!

Got questions? Not sure what to choose? Contact me here.


Hotel Room

with private bathrooms


Shared Hotel Room


*Does not include taxes

We cannot pair you with another guest. Must be booked as a group!

Private Hotel Room


*Does not include taxes


with shared bathrooms


Shared Yurt Room


*Does not include taxes

* You will be paired with another retreat guest. 

Private Yurt 



*Does not include taxes


Have any questions?

Meditating in Nature
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