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Embrace Your Essence


6 day/5 night retreat 
on the Big Island of Hawaii
September 7-12th, 2022.​


what you can expect on an 
Embrace Your Essence Retreat


Guided yoga + breath work sessions

that will connect you to your body + breath and will remove any imbalances showing up from daily stressors or trauma. 

Night-time meditations guided to enhance your self-awareness and ignite your feminine energy for greater confidence, clarity, and self-trust. 

Ayurvedic self-care tutorials to introduce you to a time-tested method for caring for YOUR unique body type + keep it healthy. 

Fun, laughter, and adventure brought to you in a safe + friendly way!

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Imagine waking up to a gentle breeze across your face + the sound of water, birds, and wind rustling the palm trees outside your window filling your ears. 


You are calm, at ease, and rested from a good night's sleep in your comfortable, quiet room.


You slide on your slippers and head out to take in the fresh, island air. The sun is out and you are ready to see new things, have new experiences, and connect with your body. 


The morning continues with a yoga session designed to open your heart, expand your breath, and deepen your connection to yourself. It leaves you feeling mentally clear, physically strong, and emotionally grounded.


You're with a group of fellow seekers - ambitious, driven + growth-minded people who are looking to expand their perspective through new adventure, new ways of connecting, and new ways of seeing the world. 



The group flows into a delicious Ayurvedic breakfast and  from there opens a discussion about how to care for the body + mind by knowing your unique Ayurvedic blueprint. 

You are unlocking clarity + wisdom about yourself through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and you are gaining the knowledge + tools necessary to return home in greater health + happiness.

You are breaking down the blocks and barriers within you to your true fulfillment. 

You are learning new ways to care for yourself through food, sleep, movement, and self-care. 

You are surrounded by people who respect you + honor your journey....

You are home. 

If you have been searching for new ways of understanding your body + health more holistically,

opportunities to meet new people who will expand your perspective,

and to visit one of the world's most healing islands,


then I invite you to join us for 6 days on Hawaii's Big Island for the Embrace Your Essence EXPAND retreat. 


Bring Balance & Joy To

Your Mind, Body & Spirit...

Are you ready to change your life for the better?


Have you been craving a renewed sense of purpose + meaning in your life?


This retreat is focused on bringing expansion to your life through new experiences, new connections,

and ancient healing practices that are

tested + proven to leave you

healthier + happier in your 

mind, body, and spirit...

All on the most beautiful Hawaiian Island!


Where You'll Be Staying 

Hilo is located on the East side of the Big Island, where I lived in my early 20's.

This friendly, bay-front town is small, quirky, and offers an authentic experience of Hawaii + its people. 

hilo house.png

The historic Hilo House is our retreat venue for the week. It is an old, very well-kept home next door a waterfall and lush greenery. 

You're minutes from the Farmer's Market + local beaches, yet secluded from the beaten path. 

This is a true treasure that you get to experience!

 Summary of Important Details


TYPE: Wellness Retreat.

DATE: Sept 7- 12th 2022.

DURATION: 6 Days, 5 Nights.

LOCATION: Hilo, Hawaii (on the Big Island)

ELEMENTS: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Self-Care, Persian Spiritual Guidance.

FOOD: x3 daily meals (yummy & nutritious! Tell us your restrictions!)

FREE GIFTS:  x1 45min one-on-one breakthrough coaching session with Parinaz. 
Swag Bag of goodies!

CULTURE: Day trips to Mauna Kea (Hawaii's volcano) the local farmer's market and optional hikes + site-seeing!

SKILL LEVEL: All are welcome.

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Hawaiian Poke Bowls

What Makes Embrace Your Essence Retreats Unique?

We keep it real. We are intentional in everything we do.

We treat you like family. 

I carefully choose the venue for each retreat so that it creates a sense of comfort, peace, and tranquility for you. 

A significant feature of E.Y.E. retreats is the food.


I was raised by a professional chef + have learned that the quality of the ingredients AND the energy of the person cooking determines

how well your body will enjoy + digest the food. 


The food on this retreat is home-made on-site by my dear friend + yoga mentor.

She will prepare Ayurvedic dishes that will

heal your gut + leave you feeling

lighter and brighter

Honest vulnerability is a guiding principle on my retreats

and is what I call "keeping it real". 

On the retreat, I am open, honest, and vulnerable with you. 

I share my family, my story,

and I openly invite you into a space to do the same.

We balance fun with deep healing + personal growth. 


These are more than vacations with health smoothies + yoga sprinkled in. 


You'll be guided through my one-of-a-kind yoga practice that I've developed over the years to help myself + my clients

feel better in their body + mind. 


You'll get a powerful private break-through session with me to

unlock any blocks and barriers showing up in your life. 


And you'll have time with your group to listen, share, and learn about health, healing, and happiness. 


This is where the next, best chapter of your life begins. 


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Are you ready?

Hey! I'm Parinaz

I know it can be hard finding the time for rest & self-care
when there are always other things on your mind or you’re just too tired from life.


That's exactly why I created this retreat...  
Because sometimes, all we need is a little break from the norm
so we can recharge and connect with others
who understand what it means to live a balanced life.


You’ll spend the weekend surrounded by the natural beauty of Hilo, Hawaii.

You’ll wake up to crisp, clean air each day and
the peaceful silence of this sanctuary will fill you with relaxation and   

I’m so excited to take this journey with you!



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Your Next Steps

At this time, you can make a secure, non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on this retreat. 


After your deposit is made, Parinaz will reach out to you directly to confirm your room preference + the final remaining invoice for your trip. 


You can read the itinerary below + feel free to send any question to Parinaz!


Questions or concerns about flights? 

Don't worry! As soon as you confirm your trip, my retreat coordinator, Olivia Perry, will contact you and help you with your flight arrangements!


We are here to support you!

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Image by Mathilde Langevin

(subject to change)

Day 1-

  • 2pm:              Arrive & check-in

  • 5pm:              Orientation & a group walk around the property

  • 5-6:30pm     Yoga

  • 7pm:              Dinner & group introductions/intentions


Day 2 - 

  • 8am:             Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Guided Group Discussion & Dynamic Yoga (all levels)

  • 12:30pm:       Lunch

  • 1-5pm:          Free time (visit a nearby beach, snorkel, visit a nearby cafe)

  • 5:45pm:       Optional 1:1 session with Parinaz

  • 7pm:             Dinner

  • 8pm:             Guided Meditation


Day 3-

  • 8am:             Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Guided discussion & Yoga Flow

  • 12:30:             Lunch

  • 1-3pm:          Guided trip to the famous Banyan Trees + local waterfalls

  • 5:30pm:        Free time

  • 7pm:              Dinner

  • 8pm:             Guided meditation & journaling

Day 4-

  • 8am:       join mobility yoga + breath work

  • 9am:       breakfast

  • 10am-12  visit to local farmer's market

  • 12:30.       lunch

  • 1-3:00     group discussion + Ayurvedic learning

  • 5:30.        free time. + optional 1:1 session with Parinaz

  • 7pm        dinner

  • 8:00         guided meditation + star-gazing

Day 5- 

  • day trip to Mauna Kea (volcano) 

Day 6-  

  • 8-9:30:               Breakfast

  • 10:00am:       Closing circle

  • 11:30am:       Check-out & departure


What this retreat can do for you

This experience is designed to get you out of the daily stressors and get you into your body for balance & healing.

The yoga, meditation & self-care practices taught are empowering, time-tested methods to stay strong & clear mentally, physically, and energetically long after your weekend away.

This retreat will provide the space for you to go inward & gain clarity about that area of your life that has felt heavy and uncertain.

Our group activities will allow you to release any fears and doubts that have been holding you back from feeling your best and will support you in cultivating trust and gratitude.

You will have what’s needed to honor your physical body and connect with your true nature. 

The grounding & energizing venue will invite you to finally rest your mind and body that you’ve been working so hard. By the end of the weekend, you’ll feel more available and ready to take on your next steps in life.


This is your opportunity to reset your energy and renew your perspective on your health & life.


You will make meaningful connections to other like-minded people,
to nature, and to your own mind, body, and soul.

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What's included in this package?

  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations.

  • Access to local beaches, trails, markets + shops.

  • Three healthy and delicious meals each full day.

  • 2 yoga sessions each day.

  • Daily breath work.

  • Yoga mat & props.

  • Guided reflections for self-growth.

  • Guided afternoon activities.

  • Ayurvedic self-care instructions for balanced physical well-being.

  • Guided nighttime meditations.

  • Private 45-minute guidance session with Parinaz.

  • An Embrace Your Essence retreat swag bag full of wellness goodies!!

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What's not included.

Transportation. This includes all flights to and from Hawaii.

Reach out to Retreat Coordinator, Olivia Perry*, for help choosing your flight!

*Please contact Olivia to organize your best flight arrangement before making your retreat investment ! She will reply to you within 24 hours!

Have any questions?
Talk with Parinaz directly. 

Make your secure deposit on this page or the next + Parinaz will confirm your room preference after. 
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