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Embrace Your Essence


4 day/3 night retreat nestled deep in Vermont’s Green Mountains.
July 28th-31st, 2022.​


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Image by Patrick Bald
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Bring Ease & Clarity To
Your Mind, Body &

Who This Retreat Is For:

Do you work incredibly hard in your career and in your personal relationships?


Have you been feeling stressed, burned out, and exhausted giving your all to your life? 

I see you...Your drive, determination, and that deeply loving heart of yours has gotten you far - in career and in your relationships...


It's made you reliable, resilient, and calm in a crisis...and because it's gotten you far, it's become your default way of living I right?

But somewhere deep down you're wondering,  "when do I get to feel seen, supported, and calm?" When do I get to be loved?"

If the life you're living feels "fine", but not deeply satisfying, and you are craving the sweetness of change to your life, then this retreat is for YOU.

The RENEW retreat with Embrace Your Essence is designed specifically to help you step out of the habits, patterns that cause you stress + self-doubt and help you embrace clarity, a new perspective, and the courage to take steps you need for yourself.

So that you can walk confidently forward in your life.

It is possible to have an incredibly successful career AND loving relationships that support you, respect you, and allow you to give from that incredibly deep heart you have.



What This Retreat Can Do For You:

This retreat is going to bring you closer to yourself by removing the distractions, noise, and daily grind and replacing it with lush nature, soothing healing practices, and a deeply supportive community.

This retreat will help you take a step back and examine with clarity where you can simplify with purpose so that you feel more ease and confidence at work and at home.

You'll know clearly what you need moving forward and how to vocalize it with integrity.

And, you'll be immersed in a nature, surrounded by loving animals, and touched by the simplicity of a healing sanctuary. 

It's time for you to be seen, respected, and have the calm confidence to walk in your world with your head high and heart open.

Are you ready?

Let's renew our perspective and connect our energy into one of the world's most healing sanctuaries.

Summary Of  Important Details


TYPE: Wellness Retreat.

DATE: July 28th-31st, 2022.

DURATION: 4 Days, 3 Nights.

LOCATION: Sky Meadow Retreat, Vermont

ELEMENTS: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Self-Care, Day Hikes, Persian Spiritual Guidance.

FOOD: x3 daily meals (yummy & nutritious! Tell us your restrictions!)

FREE GIFTS:  x1 45min one-on-one breakthrough coaching session with Parinaz. 
Swag Bag of goodies!

SKILL LEVEL: All are welcome.

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Where This Retreat is Hosted

Sky Meadow Retreat Sanctuary is a 125-acre refuge situated deep in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont’s lush Green Mountains

It's a  place where you can find peace and tranquility in the midst of nature...

This retreat venue was carefully selected for its calming atmosphere and simple yet beautiful charm. 

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What You'll Experience At Sky Meadow:


You’ll enjoy all that nature has to offer here, including rolling hills, mountain ponds, alpacas, and grazing sheep.


This slice of heaven is exactly what you need to break from the the daily grind and renew the strength, joy, and clarity of your soul.  

 Sky Meadow is rustic. It offers adorable, very simple yet comfortable cottages for the idyllic getaway, or a group bunk house, perfect for making new connections. 


This retreat is going to bring you closer to nature in the best way.


Discover how simplicity, stillness, and natural beauty can

feed your soul and renew your perspective on life.

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This retreat offers two accommodation options.


You can enjoy a private cottage that is simple + rustic, yet has everything you need to be comfortable. You can see the cottage specifics here.  

There are two cottages that come with private kitchens and a composting toilet. These are first-come first-serve. 

Cottages do not have private bathrooms. 


You can also choose a shared bunk room which offers private curtains over your bed for privacy. 

Bunk room has a shared bathroom. 


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Got questions? Not sure what to choose? Contact Parinaz here.

private cottage

with shared bathrooms

your cottage is chosen for you

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Private Cottage


Early Bird 15% Off


*Valid Until April 1, 2022

*Does not include taxes



with shared bathrooms

choose your bunk 

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Shared Bunk 



Early Bird 15% Off


*Valid Until April 1,  2022

*Does not include taxes

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Hey! I'm Parinaz

I know it can be hard finding the time for rest & self-care
when there are always other things on your mind or you’re just too tired from life.


That's exactly why I created this retreat...  
Because sometimes, all we need is a little break from the norm
so we can recharge and connect with others
who understand what it means to live a balanced life.


You’ll spend the weekend surrounded by the natural beauty of Vermont's Green Mountains. 

You’ll wake up to crisp, clean air each day and
the peaceful silence of this sanctuary will fill you with relaxation and  calm.

I’m so excited to take this journey with you!


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What Can I Expect?

Your day will start with a balancing morning yoga + breath work session,
followed by a nutritious breakfast.

Our group will then flow into a mid-morning discussion
& guided Ayurvedic practice for balancing your mind, body, and energy.


As the afternoon arrives, you can choose from a variety of activities - walking the farm and playing with adorable animals,  reading one of our hand-selected books, signing-up for a private healing session with Parinaz.  An afternoon nap is always an option, too : )

We’ll finish each evening with a meditation to cultivate the trust & clarity you’ve been seeking.

By the end of the weekend, your energy will be recharged,
your perspective will be expanded,
and you will have made meaningful connections to carry forward.


Your transformation awaits you...

Are you ready?


Walk in Nature


Thursday - July 28th

  • 2-4pm:          Arrive & check-in

  • 4-5pm:         Orientation & a group walk around the property

  • 5-6:30pm:    Yoga

  • 7pm:              Dinner & group introductions/intentions


Friday - July 29th 

  • 8am:             Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Guided Group Discussion & Dynamic Yoga (all levels)

  • 12:30pm:       Lunch

  • 1-5pm:          Free time (rest, walk, spa treatments, venture offsite).                   

  • 5:45pm:       Optional 1:1 session with Parinaz

  • 7pm:             Dinner

  • 8pm:             Guided Meditation


SATURDAY - July 30th

  • 8am:             Joint mobility yoga & breath work

  • 9am:             Breakfast

  • 10-12pm:      Guided discussion & Yoga Flow

  • 12:30:             Lunch

  • 1-3pm:          Guided hike to Camel Hump's State Park

  • 5:30pm:        Free time

  • 7pm:              Dinner

  • 8pm:             Guided meditation & journaling


SUNDAY-  July 31st

  • 8-9:30am:    Breakfast

  • 10:00am:       Closing circle

  • 10:30am:       Check-out & departure

Meditating by the Pool

What makes this retreat so special?

This experience is designed to get you out of the daily stressors and get you into your body for balance & healing.

The yoga, meditation & self-care practices taught are empowering, time-tested methods to stay strong & clear mentally, physically, and energetically long after your weekend away.

This retreat will provide the space for you to go inward & gain clarity about that area of your life that has felt heavy and uncertain.

Our group activities will allow you to release any fears and doubts that have been holding you back from feeling your best and will support you in cultivating trust and gratitude.

You will have what’s needed to honor your physical body and connect with your true nature. 

The grounding & energizing venue will invite you to finally rest your mind and body that you’ve been working so hard. By the end of the weekend, you’ll feel more available and ready to take on your next steps in life.


This is your opportunity to reset your energy and renew your perspective on your health & life.


You will make meaningful connections to other like-minded people,
to nature, and to your own mind, body, and soul.

Enjoying Nature
Fitness Group
Yoga Pose Looking Up

What's included in this package?

  • Comfortable sleeping accommodations*

  • Transportation to and from Sky Meadow Retreat Center from Burlington airport.

  • Three healthy and delicious meals each full day. The food is grown at the Sky Meadow Farm!

  • Daily morning yoga + breath work.

  • Yoga mat & props.

  • Guided reflections & afternoon activities.

  • Ayurvedic self-care instructions for balanced physical well-being.

  • Guided nighttime meditations.

  • Private 45-minute guidance session with Parinaz.

  • An Embrace Your Essence retreat swag bag full of wellness goodies!

  • *The accommodations are simple. Please bring any pillows or additional sleep accessories that will allow you to fully luxurate this weekend!

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What's not included.

Air transportation. This includes all flights  to and from Sky Meadow Sanctuary.

Reach out to Retreat Coordinator, Olivia Perry*, for help choosing your flight!

*Please contact Olivia to organize your best flight arrangement before making your retreat investment ! She will reply to you within 24 hours!

Have any questions?

Meditating in Nature
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