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Transform Your Life Masterclass

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How to go from

being stressed out,

anxious, and stuck in your life

To living calm, confident, and moving forward with true purpose and connection!

**This powerful masterclass is hosted on two different dates and times for your convenience.

Select one that works best for your schedule or both! Both sessions are held in Mountain Standard Time!

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In This Masterclass You'll Discover:

WHY reading the self-help books and therapy haven't been working for you

And the 3 critical pillars to true transformative healing. 


What it really takes to release past traumas, chronic stress, and anxiety for good.


The secret to complete healing so that you can banish unexplained physical ailments and the 'tired but wired' lifestyle.


PLUS - learn ancient healing techniques including Somatic Yoga and Tantra Meditation that have been passed down for centuries to bring you healing of the root cause

and not just the symptoms. 




Live more balanced and open so you're calm

Re-ignite your passions so you feel free 

Form deeper connections and relationships 

Cultivate purpose so you're satisfied in life

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And find true joy in living again!

Brought to you by:
Parinaz Shams
Spiritual Life Coach


What people are saying about this class

"Every time Parinaz speaks, it gives me so much clarity and peace. I am able to fully step back and realize what I need to do."- Kristina L. 

"This masterclass was so good! I learned so much, and about how the somatic sequences can move trauma through the body was really enlightening."

"Through this work with Parinaz, I've released so much anger and guilt that I didn't realize I was holding onto. 
I've finally broken through the things I had been working on for 5 years in traditional therapy."

Free Gift When You Join Live!

Your roadmap to healing your body,mind and spirit so you can start living your best life - based on the same framework I use with my private clients to transform their relationships, career, health and enjoy radical self-confidence!  

Yours FREE When You Join Me LIVE!

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This Masterclass Is For You If:

You struggle to feel calm & relaxed and to be fully present in your life today. 

You always feel like you should be doing more

or accomplishing something bigger. 

You’re going through big life changes (divorce, breakup, grief, loss, illness, career change) & you're wanting to feel better within

You're feeling burnt out and depleted, and wanting to find true work-life balance.

You're wanting to be loved and cared for the way you do for others, but trust issues are holding you back.

You're craving moments of joy, laughter, & fun where you can be the REAL you, but it feels impossible to grab ahold of them in your daily life. 

On the outside it looks like you've got it all figured out, but on the inside you're scared, unfulfilled, & unsure how to turn things around. 

& most of all - you're ready to feel good about your life again. 

Image by Sasha  Freemind


Send your questions directly to Parinaz and she will get back to as soon as possible!

Can’t wait to connect with you.


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