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Transform Your Health & Happiness
in 2023

Gain access to expert knowledge & hacks for
improved health and happiness year-round

The Best In Wellness & Self-Care

With just 5 months left in the year, this group of well-being & healing experts have come together to help YOU make the most of your personal joy, health, and happiness. 


Discover your path to personal power in 10 minutes or less. Learn your True Nature Energy type and what's blocking it from fully flowing.

From Spiritual Life Coach, Parinaz Shams


Reprogram your subconscious mind with more courage, confidence & calm with this free 6 minute meditation.

From The Courage Coach™, Lauren Ray.

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Optimize your pregnancy window with this fertility tracking class. Learn fertility expert and trained Doula, Jess Tims' top tips for a happier, healthier and easier pre-conception journey.

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A special yoga class designed to activate your Inner Power. Go from wanting to jump out of your skin to feeling totally at peace in your body. From Wellness Coach, Thalia Wynne.

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Discover the #1 hack to add more joy & happiness to your life in just 5-10 minutes per day!

From Happiness Coach, Claudia Degan.

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Learn mindful eating skills to support the balance between eating for fuel and eating for fun.  Learn simple habits to help you reduce emotional eating, mindless snacking and overeating while also valuing your health. By Gillian, Nutrition & Mindset coach

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