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Step Into Serenity

A guided Yoga & Meditation Class
For all levels


Dec. 19th | 7:00 PM MST

Connect With Calm

This 60-minute guided yoga and meditation class will guide you through accessible Somatic Yoga movements to ease stress and anxiety in your nervous system.

The session will culminate in a short Tantra Meditation, offering you the space to release any lingering fear, doubt, or pressure surrounding you at this time.


Join us in this intentional practice to return to your center before the rush of the holidays and the adventures of 2024.


Plus, as a special treat, participants will have an opportunity to become part of Parinaz's membership.


Embrace the tranquility and set the tone for a harmonious new beginning. See you on the mat!

Downward Dog


When: Dec. 19th, 2023

7:00 PM Mountain Time*


Where: ​ Zoom and In-person**

Price: $35-$100 sliding scale*** 

*Held on mountain standard time

(match up your time zone here)

**In person address: Endorphin City Park

***Enter any amount between $35 - $100 when you click  a "Join Now!" button. 

Who is this for?

Anyone seeking to connect with their mind and body to begin the winter season with calm and clarity.​

No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary to participate.

When class is over

You will feel lighter in your body, calmer in your mind, and more at ease in your heart. Drop the anger and anxiety, step into serenity.

What to expect

Class will last 60 minutes.  Please arrive 5 minutes early minimum.

You'll be guided by Parinaz through the entire class. She offers visual, verbal, and physical cues so you can follow along with ease online and in-person.

How It works

Click one of the "join now" buttons to reserve your spot.

A Zoom link and directions to the in-person location will be emailed to you upon registration.  You're all set!

Outdoor Yoga Meditation

Amanda G.

This is not hot girl yoga. 
It's very accessible and it works.

Jack L. 

These meditations always help me get deeply connected to a feeling of grounded calm. It sets me up right.

Lisa D.

Doing yoga and then flowing into meditation feels so good and I am able to truly relax. Love it!

A Note From Parinaz

Hey, there!

Whether it's day 1 or 100 of yoga and meditation for you, this class will help you.


As a Spiritual Mentor, I guide ambitious men & women (just like you) towards stronger self-connection that helps you lead a life of calm confidence. 

I'd love to support you in your calm and peace by showing you this special form of yoga & meditation.


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