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How to finally heal your anxiety naturally by improving the quality of your digestion.

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Hey there! Do you suffer from anxiety? Restless sleep, panic attacks, constant future-tripping?

What about chronic pain? Auto-immune issues, back pain, acne, headaches, or painful PMS?

If so, you are not alone...and there is a path forward...

Let me tell you briefly about me...

I suffered from chronic inflammation in my body for years...

I've battled migraines, ulcers, and acne since middle school until my mid-20's.

But things changed dramatically for me when I started a dedicated healing practice that I’ve now maintained for 5 years.

It started with me realizing that chronic pain + inflammation are much more than a physical body issues alone.

They are actually rooted in stress (current life stressors and/or old trauma) that hasn’t been fully processed.

Those traumas + stressors cause anxiety, which can totally derail our digestion...

Have you ever been going through something stressful and your appetite fluctuates dramatically? Your stomach is in knots + you just feel awful in your gut?

It's because...

Your body is a system, so your anxiety influences your gut + vice versa...

High quality digestion is a critical component of soothing anxiety in the long term.

And it's not something that's talked about very often. So, I want to break down for you in a little more detail why digestion is such a critical aspect of your health and how it plays a significant role in feeling calm and clear.

I'm also going to dive into what you need to know about your body so that you can have the most success while trying to alleviate your anxiety.

First of all, digestion is really important because it's not just the physical process of breaking down your food to keep you alive. Digestion is a very complex yet natural process that our body is constantly cycling through day in and day out.

The cycle of digestion begins far before you even put food in your mouth.

You can read more about the digestive process in another blog post titled "what you haven't been told about your digestion", but it's really important to know as I highlight in that blog, that digestion is impacted not just by what you eat, but also how you eat.

Now, you've probably experienced as someone who knows anxiety that it's not uncommon to reach for food when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your anxiety. You might grab for your bag of chips and eat the whole thing without realizing. Or like one of my clients before we worked together, you might eat in the middle of the night while you're sleeping and have no memory of it...

Or, conversely, you might not eat at all because the anxiety tightens your stomach or your appetite might shut off altogether.

In any case, anxiety and your gut are closely connected - so we can work on digestion to soothe our anxiety and vice versa...

Anxiety can easily influence how frequently you're eating your food, which is the number one factor in the quality of your digestion.

If you're eating frequently throughout the day, your digestive system doesn't have time to thoroughly and completely break down the food you last ate, which means that some of that food sits in your stomach as more accumulates on top of it.

This causes souring of the food that's in your stomach, which causes a host of physical symptoms like tightness, bloating, gas, heartburn, but on top of that, it leads to a sense of dis ease a sense of discomfort in your mood.

It affects your energy because your body's working so hard to double digest. And that can leave you feeling completely exhausted even experiencing a crash after you eat.

So it's really important to not only pay attention to what you're eating and making sure that you're not filling your body with with crap, but also paying attention to how frequently you are eating your food and making sure that you give ample time between each meal.

And really that's most effectively done by avoiding snacking and adding enough variety to your meals that your palate is satisfied and eating enough that you're actually full. It's not a bad thing to be satisfied when you eat your meals. Secondly, how we eat has to do a lot with our mindset.

Again, when you suffer from anxiety, you're probably stressed or you're probably holding on to old trauma and pain and when that's the case a lot of times when we eat we do so in a stressed state and you might not even realize this is happening because it can there's a wide spectrum of what this can look like.

On one end of the spectrum, you could experience significant binges where you eat far more past your natural full-point to self-soothe. But, on the other end of the spectrum, this could look like subtle disordered eating where there's a lot of shame and guilt involved with your eating habits...

That can look like eating really fast because your mind is looping over what it is that's causing you anxiety. It could be that you only eat in private and therefore there's a lot of stress around your meal times trying to keep it separate from other people.

The punchline is this: pay attention to what the stories are around food and how that affects your mindset while you're eating.

This is essential to soothing your anxiety and soothing your digestion.

This process that I'm describing - of understanding the stories that are living within you and paying attention to your mindset and tp how frequently you emotionally or stress eat - is really important because it's the foundation of starting to live the life that you want.

Digestion really has the power of affecting our overall success in life, our happiness, our joy and our health.

And when we have poor digestion, we can have so many problems in addition to our anxiety like poor sleep and chronic inflammation which can lead to autoimmune issues and it can keep us from doing the physical activities we really love.

It can take away our energy so we're not available and present for the people we love.

So truly, digestion is the ultimate place to really start bringing your life back into focus. And back into clarity but it requires you to pay attention to how you feel and what's going on within you as you interact with food.

That's why I say to clients and prospective clients when I meet with them,

" It's time healing focuses on the whole of you."

And that's the approach that I take with people when it comes to alleviating their anxiety when it comes to healing their trauma when it comes to healing their chronic pain, no matter what the issue is, we have to look at the whole complete self.

So when you are looking at your diet and your quality of digestion, you are also looking at your complete self. You're looking at your emotional, mental and spiritual state of existence. And when you start to see yourself as a more complete being, you're going to start to see there are so many opportunities for you to start to cultivate greater health, more vibrant health, greater happiness and more joy which ultimately will lead you to more success in life.

Because right now you're holding on to so many things known and unknown, that are getting in your way. Right so you might be saying I had a perfectly happy life nothing super terrible happened or my life is a lot better than most people. And that outlook never allows you to actually look at what did happen in your life, what is contributing to your anxiety. It keeps you in this place. of you know, just never really taking a close look, which means never really taking ownership and never really getting to the bottom of your anxiety, your weight, your sleep, your happiness, your joy, etc. Your chronic pain.

So when I work with a client, we take a three-part approach to healing...

1. First, we look at the physical body and we look at your specific body type and we look at what your specific body type needs. To thrive.

That means the specific foods, supplements, and movement plan.

And then we also look at your specific energy type, your personality, your essence, and we build daily routines based on that information...

And when we merge these things together, we find that there is such a new level a much elevated level of clarity about our life and what we want and how to get it that comes forth.

To find out your body + energy type, take my True Nature Energy Quiz, to unlock your type and what it needs to thrive now.

2. The second layer that we look at is the mindset and the emotions, right? We have to understand the men the relationship you have to yourself that you hold in your mind that comes out through your thoughts.

For example, if you're saying to yourself when you eat food god you're so fat or wow you really don't need this because you're so lazy you haven't done enough today. That is a narrative of self-hate showing up as mean self-talk. That came from somewhere, you didn't just start talking to yourself that way randomly.

So, we need to get to the root of why do you have that story.

And more importantly, how can we release it and start telling a story that feels more real and authentic and empowering to you.

3. And then the third layer is spiritual.

We look at your spirit and this is where a lot of my clients sort of say, "I don't even really know what that means". And if that is how you feel right now Reading This It's okay you're not alone.

A lot of people don't feel like they have a strong connection to their spirit.

And it's because our society in our culture does not emphasize a spiritual connection. They definitely do emphasize a connection to intellect, through academia, and they emphasize a connection to the body through beauty.

But we're not to help taught a lot about how to connect to our spirit and that is what I'm here to help you do to reconnect and reignite that spark so that you can start listening to that voice within you your intuition that knows what it needs to feel happy, that knows what it wants in terms of career and partnership.

And when you start listening to that voice within your anxiety, honestly disappears because you're listening to what's true for you. And you start to realize the areas where you have made choices not for you, but either to please a person or a moment or a set of expectations and the more you do that, the more you're creating a disconnect within yourself.

So by coming back to your spirit by listening to that voice within you, you are saying to yourself,

"I matter. My desires matter. My opinion matters".

When you start living a life based on that belief, you feel strong, you feel clear, you feel happy you feel in control...

And a lot of times when you're suffering from anxiety, that's the issue, right? You don't feel in control.

That's why a lot of us reach for control in other ways...

We either medicate it away or we reach for food or we reach for sex or we try to control the people around us and or our work and none of those are actually sustainable and they cause way other more issues for us than help.

So the best way to actually bring back a sense of control is to connect back to yourself root into yourself as one of my clients said, anchor back into you and you will find what you're looking for.

If you're ready to finally ditch your anxiety + feel better in your physical body as you do it, then it's time to focus on healing the WHOLE of you.

I'm here to help you take that first step. I hope this post + the free resources I've included in it help you. If you haven't already, take the True Nature Energy Quiz + then let me know your results on email or social! I'll be dying to know!



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