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Persian Mindfulness

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What is mindfulness, really?


You’ve probably heard this buzz-word before,
But what does it do and how can it be used in your life?

Mindfulness concepts we know today are rooted in Zorastrianism,
a Persian science that teaches the importance of
living each day with self-awareness.

It’s been around for over 4,000 years and has influenced major religions,
including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


The three main principles of Zorastrianism are:

  1. Total awareness of our thoughts, words, and actions

  2. Radical honesty in all aspects of life

  3. Unconditional respect for & acceptance of self, others, nature, and life itself

You can find these principles in every aspect of your life -

from how you talk to yourself to how you treat others.

When we live by these principles consistently, it brings greater peace into our lives because we're not constantly worrying about what's going on with us or what might happen next. We're able to be more present in the moment without being anxious about the future or regretful about the past.


This leads to less stress overall, which means
improved health and  



Teachings of Zorastor & Rumi...

Zorastor, a Persian philosopher and spiritual leader, devoted his life to mindfulness and his methods are relevant and useful today. They are woven throughout Rumi’s poems about life, love, and success that many covet and use as personal guidance.


These methods include:

  • Mantra-meditations that take us beyond our conditioned mind.

  • Self-care routines that connect us to nature’s rhythms and cycles

  • Reverence for our existence through gratitude and joy

While it seems nearly everyone is trying to sell "mindfulness" trainings and techniques today, truly living in a mindful state is no simple task. It requires patience, trust, and dedication to continually explore one’s inner awareness. 


Working with Parinaz.

Parinaz studies Zorastor’s teachings, Rumi poetry, and Persian mindfulness practices are woven into each of her online programs, movement classes, and 1:1 client sessions.

Her work includes guided mantra-meditations, self-care practices, and deep self-exploration; it’s further supported by her studies with the world-renowned author & 7th generation spiritual teacher, Chandresh Bhardwaj.

If you're interested in learning more about Persian Mindfulness, schedule a complimentary discovery call with me.


Get started with Persian Mindfulness by downloading your free meditation audio track.

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