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Meditation Made Easy

Ready to live calmer, more open, and at ease?

Learn the fundamentals of a meditation practice that you can use for a lifetime,
that really work.  

✓ Feeling lightness and freedom in your mind each day. 

✓ Releasing years of pent-up stress that has accumulated across the body and in your mind.

✓ Unlocking stagnant energy that leads to anxiety, pain, and lack of motivation. 

✓ Accessing deep relaxation that helps build awareness of your emotions, strength, and clarity for life.

✓ Living each day with more with ease and without fear getting in the way.

✓ Establishing a powerful mind-body connection that will transform the way you live and move.

Imagine this…

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"I had tried meditation on my own before - books, apps, YouTube. Nothing seemed to really work. I could not get my mind to slow down and my body always started hurt while I tried to sit. 
Nothing has felt as good as the guided Tantra Meditations from Parinaz.

The first time I did her meditation, I felt like I was floating. I was so calm and clear-headed for the first time in years. 
                                                         -Bryan N. 

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Meditation 

For inner calm and clarity that lasts

yoga pose beach 1.HEIC

Learn how to totally relieve your heart and mind of anxiety, anger, stress, and tension through simple,  easy-to-follow guided meditations that will help you cultivate ultimate healing.

In as little as 15 minutes a day (yes, it can be that simple) you can transform how you feel and live.

Through a combination of self-paced audio lessons and guided meditations that are easy to follow, this program introduces you to everything you need to know about Meditation for a lifetime. 

Whether it's day 1 or 100 of meditating for you, you will be able to fully receive the healing benefits it offers to live a joyful, calm, and ease-filled life. 

This program shows you how opening up your mind and heart creates a life of freedom and joy.

Are you ready?

How It Works

✓ You'll receive 7 audio lessons to jumpstart your practice. They will guide you through the specifics of how to set up a practice and how to make it effective.

✓ You'll receive 3  Guided Tantra meditations that are designed for healing your mind, body, and heart. You can do these from anywhere, using your phone or computer to listen to the audios. You can download them for use while you travel, too!

✓ You'll learn Parinaz's personal method for practice and get guided PDFs to schedule and plan your practice so it realistically fits into your lifestyle. 

✓ The self-paced nature of this program allows you to take your time in developing a personalized routine that you can do from anywhere. It's great even if you travel or want to learn how to do these practices from work.  

Lesson 1 - Getting Started

You'll start off by getting to know what this ancient practice of Tantra Meditation is and how it will help your body, mind, and energy recover and thrive.

And you'll receive guidance on how, when, and where to practice your Tantra Meditation for optimal transformation. 

You'll be guided through simple lessons that help you get started with clarity and ease, and you'll discover the myriad benefits of a consistent meditation practice so you have the best foundation possible to be a successful meditator. 

Online Meditation

Lesson 2 - Diving Deeper

Meditating on Bed

You'll focus on maximizing the physical and spiritual healing benefits of Tantra Meditation. 


You'll be guided step-by-step through creating a sacred space for your meditation, how to set an intention for your practice, and when to do the meditation. 


You'll start to feel transformation taking root as you build a space just for you to relax, recharge, and receive during your meditations.

Lesson 3 - Embracing Ease

You'll dive into simple, guided Tantra Meditations that you can do anywhere  so that it doesn't feel overwhelming and you experience full ease.  

We know how easy it can be to stop doing routines consistently, even when you know they are good for you, so we've created customizable daily routine templates for you to use and make meditation a lasting part of your life. 

Lesson 4 - Consistency


Your program concludes with guidance on how to make your new Meditation Made Easy Lifestyle sustainable, with meaningful tips and tools to help bolster your home practice. 

You'll discover your "Sacred Why" for doing this work and claim a personal healing mantra to keep you motivated, engaged, and connected to your practice long after the program ends.

Still Have Questions? 

Chat with Parinaz

When you join today, you'll also get:

A simple and highly nourishing herbal tea recipe that you can sip before and after your practice to enhance your inner calm.

A bonus eye-focused somatic sequence to reset the nervous system from anywhere in as little as 45 seconds for improved sleep and calm. 

A "short and simple" guided meditation video to support your Somatic Yoga practice. 

 Access to discounted natural skin care products that Parinaz personally uses that will calm your body for a more powerful meditation.  

So you can start living happy and healthy, for real this time.  


Laurie L.

Parinaz's meditations have been like a guide for my soul. 


Don G.

Using these meditations, I have finally slept a full night for the first time n 15 years. 

Man with Tattoo

James T.

I feel so good everywhere doing these meditations. Thank you!

A Note From Parinaz

Hey there,

I know how it feels to be on edge, anxious, and stressed out every day. 

I know how it feels to wake up feeling stuck in life and being on the verge of tears because you're not sure how to clearly move forward. 

That's exactly why I have started doing Tantra Meditation and have done it every day for the last 5 years. 

It has healed my anxiety naturally, reduced my impulsive reactions, calmed my insecurities, anger, and improved my joy.  I have done each of the meditations in this program for my own healing multiple times, so I am confident they can help you, too. 

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