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Courage In Love


Live, weekly community calls with Parinaz to go deeper into your healing and self-discovery of courage and love so you are continually integrating and growing in your life. 

Personalized coaching and guidance to further capture and build upon your inner strength and self-love, and self-expression found at the retreat so you can live authentically consistently.

Engage in a conscious community to help nurture your growth, be your mirror, and hold you lovingly accountable so you actually live authentically, fiercely, and free(Accountability buddies if we dig). 

Consistency support with Somatics and Tantra Meditation through access to Evolve membership  ($89 per month), offering weekly videos and a live masterclass each month. 

Engage in soul-level conversation about a Tantric perspective on sexual freedom, feminine and masculine energy, and learn Tantric rituals to help balanced both within you so you can give and receive love with awareness.

Learn more about the rhythms of nature and how to use it to align with your inner nature so you are calm, confident, and can trust your intuition.

PLUS...Possibility of a Courage In Love Mini Retreat as a culminating experience : )

Have fun. Howl at the moon, stroke your throat chakra and sit under the night sky as you let the power of your soul guide you. 

Courage In Love Mastermind 

Pay In Full


One and done!

Pay In Two


Billed twice on a monthly basis 

Pay In Four


Billed four times on a monthly basis 

The deadline to enroll is October 12th!

Extended Payment Options & Questions
Book A Call with P.

Inside this space, we're all leveling up. 
I’ll be sharing things that I’ve never shared with the public -

Full Navratri rituals, in-depth teachings on feminine and masculine, signs of repressed femininity, honing your intuition, and the Tantric story of the surrendered masculine -

Inside this mastermind, we'll dive deeply into these topics and more so you can fully engage in the richness of your life every day, with courage.  

I hope you join me. 


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