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Introduction To Somatics

Learn all about somatic yoga with me in this fun & beginner-friendly session!

Thurs. May 30th | 5:00 PM PT

Join us for 60 minutes live on Zoom where you'll discover everything you need to know about somatic yoga, and how it can help heal your physical pain, signs of aging, and reduce mental or emotional stress. You want to learn about somatics because they are a game-changing tool for your mind, body, and spiritual health!

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You'll Discover:

How somatics heal chronic pain (this was the #1 thing that healed my sciatica and migraines!) and I want to share it with you, too so you can feel confident, healthy, and strong in your body.


How somatic yoga can help you understand and balance your emotions so that you're calmer and clearer in your relationships, at work, and at home.


What the mind/body/energy relationship is and how somatics can help you develop inner peace and calm.


Plus - experience a guided somatic exercise during the call with Parinaz! Walk away feeling calm, light, and at peace.

You'll walk away knowing:

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Practical somatic tools for beginners that will promote a strong mind, body, and spirit relationship within yourself.

How long it takes to see results using somatics and how they can be woven into your existing routines.

The power of somatics in overcoming stress, emotional trauma, or finding your voice during this next chapter of your life.

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What the Inner Child is (it's not just a buzz word for 2024!) and how reconnecting to your Inner Child can revitalize your playfulness, creativity, and laughter so that you are anxiety-free. 

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 How to find true joy in living again!

Brought to you by:
Parinaz Shams
Spiritual Mentor & Fitness Coach

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What people are saying about Live Sessions with Parinaz:

"Every time Parinaz speaks, it gives me so much clarity and peace. I am able to fully step back and realize what I need to do."- Kristina L. 

"Learning the root cause of why I doubt myself and don't feel good enough is life-changing. These sessions are really powerful." -Toni M. 

"I've spent ten years in therapy trying to connect the dots of my childhood and life to understand how I got here. In just three sessions with Parinaz, I see clearly. This has been incredibly helpful. " - Yarko G.

"Through this work with Parinaz, I've released so much anger and guilt that I didn't realize I was holding onto. 
I've finally let go of the things I thought I had in traditional therapy. " - Chiara M. 

This Live Session Is For You If:

You struggle to feel calm & relaxed and want to be fully present in your life for what matters most.

You always feel like you should be doing more

and struggle to feel like anything is enough.

You’re going through big life changes (getting married, getting divorced, loss, illness, career change) & you want to feel more peace within and heal those trauma wounds.

You're feeling burnt out, depleted, and struggling to sleep. You're seeking a balance that brings your inner spark back. 

You're wanting to be loved and cared for the way you do for others, but trust issues are holding you back.

You're craving moments of joy, laughter, & fun where you can be soft, but it feels impossible to grab ahold of that in your daily life right now. 

On the outside it looks like you've got it all figured out, but on the inside you're scared, unfulfilled, & unsure how to turn things around. 

And most of all - you're ready to feel good about your life again. 


Send your questions directly to Parinaz and she will get back to as soon as possible!

Can’t wait to connect with you.

Email Parinaz HERE.

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