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Thanksgiving Day
Yoga and Meditation
with Parinaz

Join this online session to feel your best inside and out. This class is for all levels and will help you:

promote strong digestion

For many, Thanksgiving is a day of eating & drinking. Many feel full, bloated, and lethargic which which leads to guilt, shame, and anger. 

This class will help reduce all of that and leave you feeling lighter and brighter. 


Reduce inflammation

This yoga will help restore your nervous system and calm your body from the inside out. It's perfect if you have pain or stiffness in your body. 


Increase inner calm

The combination of yoga and meditation will leave you feeling fully relaxed and calm for your day ahead. 



Sign up for the class

I can't wait to move with you!

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Sliding Scale Payment: $18-$50 for the class.

Choose your preferred amount & send it via Venmo or Zelle. 

Get Parinaz's personal Ayurvedic digestive tea recipe sent to you before class!

Step 1: Add your name and email to this list where you'll be sent a Zoom link for attendance. 

Step 2: Send your preferred payment amount ($18-$50) via Venmo to Parinaz-Shams or via Zelle to

You will not be sent a Zoom link until payment is complete. Thank you for understanding. 

Step 3: Add it to your calendar!

How It Works: 

Amanda G.

This is not hot girl yoga. 
It's very accessible and it works.

Jack L. 

These meditations always help me get deeply connected to a feeling of grounded calm. It sets me up right.

Lisa D.

Doing yoga and then flowing into meditation feels so good and I am able to truly relax. Love it!"
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