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What Is Ayurveda?

What Is Ayurveda?


The Science Of Life...


The word "Ayurveda" translates to the science of life from Sanskrit. “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means knowledge. This Indian healing system shares roots with Traditional Persian Medicine and has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Ayurveda is and its Persian counterpart are systems primarily focused on maintaining strong health and promoting longevity through simple and sustainable daily practices.


Today, Ayurveda is used to balance the body, mind, and spirit
as preventative care and to eliminate general discomfort.

Ayurveda helps reduce: digestive discomfort (indigestion/constipation), headaches, acne, weight gain, dry skin, restless sleep, congestion, stress/anxiety, low sex drive, and more.

Traditional Ayurveda teaches self-care techniques that are safe and manageable for nearly everyone. Practices include: adapting daily routines that mirrors cycles of nature, promoting seasonal and local diet, eating mindfully to enhance digestion, and being more aware of the sense organs. Ayurveda also incorporates physical movement that are customized to fit every individual.

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Ayurveda's Impact On Health, Happiness, Relationships & Spiritual Abundance

Parinaz’s personal favorite aspect of this rich science is how it offers tangible
practices and a greater framework through which one can see the importance
of life, health, and joy.

Ayurveda is empowering as it encourages people to take control of their lifestyle
in all ways.



This yields results like...

  • More joy, calm, presence, and steadiness.

  • Improved digestion, sleep, and sex drive.

  • Stronger immunity, harmonized energy, stress resilience, and physical radiance.

Making simple, positive changes can radically affect your health, happiness,
relationships, and spiritual abundance.

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Parinaz infuses Ayurveda into her online courses, fitness classes, and 1:1 work in customized ways for the most transformational effect in your mind, body, and spirit.

If you'd like to learn more, let’s chat in a 30-minute connection call!

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Cheers To
Glowing Health!

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