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Half-off sale until Dec. 31st, 2023!



Tired of being stressed out, in pain, and 
and not fully satisfied with li

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Maybe you feel like you can't slow down, be present, and relax. 

Or maybe you feel your body aging, less mobile and less resilient as it once was. 

You care about the longevity of your health, you want to stay active, and you definitely are seeking greater fulfillment in life, but you’re not sure how to put all these pieces together...

So, you keep on exercising hard to stay strong, eating salads to stay "healthy", and hoping that by avoiding your deeper emotions & stressors, they never rear their ugly head.

Sound like you? If so, keep reading...

Your deep mental stress and repressed emotions - those that live beneath the surface of your daily thoughts & routines - are completely tied to your physical pain, and sometimes are even the cause for it. 


The mind/body relationship is one of the most profound aspects of your existence.

It is in the body where mental and emotional wounds of the past are stored long after our mind has moved on to other things


And it is through the body that our pain speaks in the form of chronic injury, stiffness, and aging. 

But often, we don’t recognize this connection,

nor is it told to us by experts.

We are led to believe that our physical pain is anatomical, something structurally “wrong” with us, or just "what happens" as we age


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We say “I don’t have stress or emotional baggage! I'm fine". 

And so our pain deepens as does our anxiety, sleepless nights, and ultimately the feeling like we’re never getting ahead in life.

It doesn't have to be that way for you...


Learn how your mind and body are speaking to one another and tune into where you’re holding onto mental and emotional stress in the body. I’ll teach you how to: 

  • Recognize your root stressors (the ones you’re not currently seeing on the surface) and how they are manifesting in the body.

  • Receive Somatic Healing Coaching and Spiritual Life Guidance

  • Gain Clarity on the patterns, habits, and beliefs you’re holding onto that are contributing to your current stress, overwhelm, pain, and dissatisfaction with at least one area of life & how to heal and move forward.

It’s time to nurture your body, your mind, and your heart; your Complete Self™

**Package includes (3) 60 Min Video/In-Person Sessions



This is where we dive into your current lifestyle, habits, and repeating thoughts about yourself and life.

We will clarify the patterns that are holding you back in life and we will clearly identify how your current stressful patterns are tied to a root wound that is harboring mistrust, insecurity, and pain from the past. 


I will help you redefine trauma (not as something reserved only for people who were severely neglected and/or abused), and how that trauma is currently stuck in your psyche, promoting unhelpful thoughts and habits as well as physical pain. 

We’ll systematically explore how this trauma & the resulting wound from it contributes to any challenges you have in the 4 major areas of life:  career, relationships, health, and self-esteem.

It's a chance to see your own life from a greater perspective and use your awareness to clarify the emotions, trauma & beliefs that need to be fully processed through your body. 

Meditating on Bed



This is where we let the root stressors have enough space to finally be released through the body, rather than stay stuffed far down in your psyche. 

In the second session, we look closely at your muscle tension and specific areas of tightness. I'll teach you how to relax your muscles and fascia using Hatha Yoga so that you start to immediately feel more open and agile. 

It's an opportunity to tune into your physical being through somatic healing practices and see if there are blocks held in the body that are causing you to feel pain, inflammation, or even causing illness. 

The hath yoga somatic healing practices you learn are easy to do, accessible at all levels and are desgined to connect your midn and body so you feel safe, calm, and strong. 

Childs Pose



This is where we integrate the clarity you’ve gained about your past & how it’s informing your present habits and pain cycles that are holding you back.

In the third session, we look closely at your nervous system. I will teach you somatic tools to reset the nervous system so that any time your stress response gets triggered you are able to quickly & effectively move back to your calm. 

 I will show you how to reset your nervous system as a way of keeping your gut health strong and your physical body healthy for longer. 

You’ll walk away with clear steps on how to keep your body strong and able to do more for longer AND how to move in your world with greater calm, trust, and confidence.

Sitting Meditation

All 3 sessions plus:

  • A pre-intensive starting packet to help prime your mind for this healing space.

  • Guided meditation made easy to do anywhere delivered after your 1st session. 

  • Video tutorials of somatic sequences to keep doing at home delivered after your 2nd session. 

  • Check-ins from Parinaz after each session via the Voxer app. 

  • Daily routine specific to your lifestyle & health needs to help reduce viruses, infections, allergies, and colds each season. 





Half-off sale until December 31st, 2023!

Payment plans available.

What is Somatic Healing? 

Somatics describes any practice that consciously integrates the pieces of you (mind, body, energy).


In my practice, I use Hatha Yoga as the primary somatic tool for your healing so that you can function wholly and therefore more successfully on all levels.

That means, your pain, fear, self-doubt, and stress no longer have to exist in your body, mind, or spirit as “bad things” that hold you back. 

It gives you space to exhale, feel strong and vibrant physically & choose life by your ultimately satisfying design.

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I started this journey because of my own healing and struggle with chronic pain, stress, and deep-seated anxiety about not being perfect or not meeting expectations in life. 

For years, I’ve worked closely with somatic and spiritual mentors to resolve my inner wounds and the physical manifestation of them in my body.


I wasn’t satisfied with “coping” or “managing” my pain and anxiety.


I wanted to get to the root of my pain & move beyond it so I could feel whole and realize my true potential.  

That's exactly what has happened.


I help people all over the world, traveling to host retreats, and working closely with busy people just like you to heal and achieve that much more in life.  

It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard or scary.


We can walk this path together, each day, fully. 

What do you say?


I'm Parinaz

I’m here to serve people just like you as a Spiritual Life Coach. 

That basically means I help busy, driven people resolve their stress through their body, which becomes a spiritual path for life. 

Is This Work Right for You?

This 3-session intensive is right for you if...


If you’ve been living with chronic pain OR you’ve recently developed strange, seemingly unexplainable physical symptoms of pain or aging…

You’ve been checked by medical professionals and nothing is “wrong” with you, but you cannot seem to shake the feeling that things are just not the way they should be on a deep, inner level.  


You want to balance out your fitness routine with sustaianable practices to help with your aging process. 

This is different from therapy in that we aren’t going in to diagnose your mental state with any disorder, nor am I here to guide you through a method of “living with” your past. 

It’s also different than piecemeal treatments like massage, physical therapy, or acupuncture because we address the body as we are also addressing the mental & emotional stressors so the body releases the specific stress causing you pain. 

It requires you to be open and present with any feelings that may come up, but we will never go beyond the point of your safety or threshold of overwhelm

Still have questions? 

Reach out to Parinaz directly to discuss your specific needs, questions, and plan for getting started. 

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