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Sacred Circle

Connect with others on your journey to your best self
and feel fully supported in your new tribe.


Are You Ready to Dive Deeper?

Have you completed one of Parinaz’s online programs or worked with her 1:1? Have you started to cultivate your inner-authority and self-love in other spaces and now you want to go deeper? If so, you’re invited to join Sacred Circle.

As you have engaged in personal healing, the doors to your conscious awareness have been opened. You have allowed yourself to explore the inner world of your desires, your fears, your conditioning, all so that you can taste what is truly yours.

When you know what is truly yours, you have the power to craft a life that feeds your soul, expands your heart, and fulfills your purpose.

Now is not the time to stop. In fact, the magic has just begun.

I know you can feel it. Over the last 8 weeks, you’ve felt the shifts within you. You’ve noticed the changes to your perspective, in how you speak with yourself internally, how you process your interactions with others. All of that will continue to bloom as you continue to make space for it.

Join the Sacred Circle today to continue the blossoming of your self-awareness.

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How it Works:

  • Sacred Circle meets via Zoom at 6:00pm MST.

  • Sacred Circle meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

  • The group practices and discussions will be re-assessed to ensure the highest quality of guidance and support for each person.

  • Sacred Circle is a space for you to be supported, held accountable in your efforts, and will continue to teach you new ways of expanding your health and wellness

What You’ll Get:

  • Bi-weekly support calls as you received in your 1:1 work or online program with Parinaz.

  • A new Facebook Group that serves as a 24/7 hub of communication for you to share, process, and ask for guidance.

  • Access to 5 free virtual movement classes on Parinaz's Sama Wellness Platform ($75 value).

  • 10% discount to the Conscious Nature Day Hikes.

Enroll Now!!!


Pay In Full

Pay once & save so that you can dive deep into your journey of health & healing!


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Payment Plan

Make 3 payments over 3 months so you can focus on getting to the heart of your health & healing!


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Still not sure if Sacred Circle is right for you?

Send your questions directly to Parinaz and she will get back to as soon as possible!

We can’t wait to connect with you.

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