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This is not a vacation in a pretty place with some yoga & health smoothies tossed in...


Embrace Your Essence retreats are about lasting transformation, and that's what is possible for you on this COURAGE retreat.


This experience is designed to get you out of your daily stressors and get you into your body in a new way for greater balance & healing that lasts...


Whether you're dealing with inflammation, chronic pain, or fatigue and burn-out, the specific type of Healing Yoga and Meditation Parinaz introduces on this retreat will help you feel lighter, stronger, and more connected to your body so you can do more for longer in your life.


Wether it's day 1 or 100 of you doing yoga, this will help you feel better, reverse the pains and effects of aging in your body, gut, and brain

The Ayurvedic self-care practices taught will teach you how to care for your digestion through seasonal change, and keep your energy balanced through your busy days.


These are empowering, time-tested methods  strong & clear mentally, physically, and energetically long after your week away.

Your private session with Parinaz & the guided discussions on this retreat will provide the space for you to go inward & gain clarity about that area of your life that has felt heavy and finally have the courage to move forward in a way that serves you

Our group activities will allow you to release any fears and doubts that have been holding you back from feeling your best and will support you in cultivating courage and confidence to move forward in life.

You will have what’s needed to honor your physical body and connect with your true nature so you feel calmer, more comfortable in your own skin, and energized to take on life in a whole new way when you return home. 

The grounding & energizing venue will invite you to finally rest your mind and body that you’ve been working so hard.


By the end of the week, you’ll feel more available, present, and calm so that you are ready to take on your next steps in life.

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What this retreat
can do for y

Summary of Important Details

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TYPE: Healing Wellness Retreat

DATE: Oct 15- 22nd, 2022

DURATION: customize the length of your retreat based

on your schedule, finances, and healing needs.

This fully scheduled retreat will conclude at day 5.

You have the option to go beyond in your healing with Parinaz through private sessions and to fully absorb the beauty of Mexico by staying for 8 Days.

Contact Parinaz to discuss which option is best for you.

LOCATION: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

ELEMENTS: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Self-Care,

Persian Spiritual Guidance

FOOD: x3 daily meals (local & nutritious! Tell us your restrictions!)

FREE GIFTS:  x1 45min one-on-one breakthrough coaching session with Parinaz (valued at $250)

Swag Bag of goodies!

Optional nature adventures including hikes, swimming with dolphins, and eco tours


SKILL LEVEL: All are welcome

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Where Are We Going?

Xinalani is a world-class wellness retreat center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


You'll enjoy beautiful rooms, healthy Mexican food and eco-friendly activities.


Xinalani is an extraordinary setting for anyone dedicated to spiritual transformation and personal growth.

There will be optional group activities for you to explore the local area and nature. 

You're welcomed to relax at the spa, nap by the beach, or read a book outside our group time. 

  • Comfortable eco-chic sleeping accommodations (private and shared options). 

  • Transportation to and from Puerto Vallarta Airport to Xinalani Retreat Center.

  • Three healthy and delicious meals each full day.

  • 2 yoga sessions each day focused on healing your body, gut & brain.

  • Yoga mat & props (you don't have to pack your own!)

  • Guided reflections for self-growth.

  • Guided afternoon activities to connect you to yourself, others, and nature in a healing way.

  • Ayurvedic self-care instructions for balanced physical well-being through seasonal change.

  • Guided nighttime meditations to calm your mind & ease stress.

  • Private 45-minute break-through guidance session with Parinaz to gain the clarity you need to start transforming your life. 

  • An Embrace Your Essence retreat swag bag full of wellness goodies!!

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What's included in
this retreat?

What's not included in this package?

Air Transportation. This includes all flights to and from Mexico.

Reach out to Retreat Coordinator, Olivia Perry*, for help choosing your flight!

*Please contact Olivia to organize your best flight arrangement before booking your flight! She will reply to you within 24 hours!

*Please do not book a flight that arrives later than 4pm on the first day of the retreat or departs earlier than 11 am on the last day of the retreat. This is for your safety getting you to and from the retreat center. 

Spa Treatments.  You can book a healing massage, facial, body scrub and more directly through Xinalani Retreat Center here.


An ideal day to book a massage is day 4 of the retreat as it is intended to be a rest day from the yoga & group activities. However, you can book a treatment any day you wish and we will make it work!

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What Makes E.Y.E. Retreats Unique? 

We keep it real.

We are intentional in everything we do.

We treat you like family. 

I carefully choose the venue for each retreat so that it creates a sense of comfort, peace, and tranquility.

Honest vulnerability is a guiding principle

on my retreats

and is what I call keeping it real

On each retreat, I am open, honest, and vulnerable with you. 

I share my family, my story,

and I openly invite you into a space to do the same.

We balance fun with deep healing + personal growth... 


These are more than vacations with health smoothies + yoga sprinkled in. 


You'll be guided through my one-of-a-kind yoga practice that I've developed over the years to help myself and my clients feel better in their body + mind long after the retreat ends. 


You'll get a powerful private break-through session with me to

unlock any blocks and barriers showing up in your life. 


And you'll have time with your group to listen, share, and learn about health, healing, and happiness. 

More on this retreat...

Check out your room options! Embrace Your Essence COURAGE has a variety of room choices and we welcome payment plans! 

or keep reading more about this retreat below!

Room options:

suite mexico.png

you can choose a private suite with air conditioning, a sitting area, and private bathroom for just you.

or a private casita that includes everything a suite has PLUS a private plunge pool!



deluxe room.png

You can choose a shared deluxe room with or without air conditioning. 

It includes a private bathroom for the 2 guests, a zen area, and private hammock!

Still Have Questions? 

Embrace Your Essence Retreats are meant to support the health and healing of all people who feel ready for it.


Chat with Parinaz via Zoom or phone to make sure this retreat is exactly what you need. 

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