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5 steps to naturally alleviate anxiety and what you need to know before you start.

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you know that it takes on a life of its own…

Anxiety can feel like a train just ran through your relationship and it can be the grim reaper to your sleep all in one day…

Personally, anxiety has felt like an invisible pair of handcuffs - it's kept me from enjoying my life, new opportunities, and I've missed out on fun because not knowing how it might rear its ugly head in a new situation only gave me MORE anxiety.

Over the years, I've developed methods of reducing my anxiety and I've shared them with my clients who are driven career women who can't renounce their daily responsibilities and stressors so they can live in high-vibes only (nor do they really want to give up their career and responsibilities).

First, there are a couple things to know about anxiety...let’s dive in...

Anxiety can be caused by so many different things, but it’s important to realize it does not stand alone.

1. Anxiety has a tap root.

Usually, anxiety's tap root (or origin point) is a traumatic event or ongoing trauma that you experienced earlier in your life that has put prolonged stress on your body.

What constitutes trauma?

A lot of people think trauma only means surviving abuse, rape, or a neglectful parent. While those absolutely do fall under the description of trauma, it can also include less obvious, less blunt, insidious experiences.

For example, if you grew up in a household where you were told:

“Why are you so emotional?”

“You’re stupid.”

“You’re so selfish.”

Or kids at school told you “You’re fat” or “You’re ugly” or any other cruel thing, then that also can be considered a trauma.

Trauma is anything that puts significant stress on your mind, body, or soul and makes YOU feel unworthy, unloveable, undesirable, or somehow less than those around you.

Knowing this, part of healing anxiety is getting to the root of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks so that you can feel calm and whole within that shakiness inside of you stills and you can finally breathe in calm.

2.Anxiety is connected to your Prana.

Prana is the Sanskrit word for “vital life force”.

When your life force is flowing strong and steady your entire being - from the inside out - feels calm, clear, and whole...

You experience a sense of balance, the very thing many people (me included for years) who struggle with anxiety dream of feeling, but it seems so hard to grasp.

Connecting to your Prana can be done in simple ways and is the most powerful way to move your energy through your body in a way that revitalizes it, recharges your mindset, and resets your mood.

When Prana is NOT flowing steady and strong, things inside you feel stale, hollow, and even dead.

You might feel lethargic, fragmented, or emotional for seemingly no reason....

The truth is, your Prana just needs to be moved around consciously through your body and it will take care of the rest. It’s your most powerful resource...learn to use it!

Now, I’m going to show you 5 Prana-boosting tips that alleviate anxiety and bring calm no matter what life is throwing your way.

1.Show Yourself You Are Important...Consistently.
  • Build a morning routine that is distraction-free and stick to it.

  • Your body thrives on routine because it is made up of a bunch of biological systems that are naturally rhythmically programmed...circadian rhythms, menstrual cycles, appetites, getting tried...these are all examples of ways your body has natural rhythms to them (our lifestyle and stress throws them off!) so build a routine that enhances your natural functions...

  • Routine examples: breathe for five minutes. Your breath is the most powerful way to move Prana. By taking deep belly breaths every day, you are getting that vital life energy flowing strong so that you ride a steady wave of calm all day.

  • Most people don't find these simple efforts useful because they don't have a real "why" behind them.

  • Maybe you saw someone on instagram saging their room and now you do it. Or you have a friend who journals every morning so you

  • Take the time to FEEL into this question, "what calms me down?" and if you have zero routine in place, pick something that sounds do-able and move with this question-intention, "what if this brings me calm?"

P.S. You can download my FREE morning routine guide that I use every day to keep my energy high + body strong to get you started!

Head to my instagram and DM the word "CALM"

to get your free download!

2.Soothe Your Own Soul.
  • Just like a diet or fitness routine, your soul needs a routine to stay consistently fed, nourished, and happy.

  • To boost Prana, take time to nourish your soul by listening to music, dancing, smiling, or watching something that makes you laugh in the best way.

  • If you love to cook but haven't in months, make a date with yourself. If you've been wanting to ask that crush out, but haven't GO FOR IT. Book the trip. Take the risk. Your Prana will thank you.

  • Prana is boosted when we experience bliss. Watch a sunset, take a walk in nature, or smell flowers the next time you’re out. Bring bliss close to your soul.

P.S. My upcoming wellness retreat is happening at the healing

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa in the heart of the Colorado Mountains

to serve you a state of bliss that your mind + body won't forget!

3. Be Grateful for Who You Already Are
  • Most people get in their own way by comparing themselves to others or their own idea of greatness.

  • Having a vision for your life + honoring your ambition is powerful + positive. Perfectionism + pushing past your limits because you're constantly trying to "be somebody" is a race to the bottom between you and your anxiety....spoiler alert: anxiety wins.

  • Write down 3 things you have done well today. And then keep doing that for 5 straight days.

  • I don't care if it seems so simple. Actually, that's the point...To see that every single day you do incredible things without question...Caring for your dog, your kids, your friend's mother. You're there.

  • So often we think our efforts only count if you're on the Forbes 30 under 30 list or we're a millionaire by 24 like we see on instagram or getting personally recognized at our weekly office meeting...tiny things matter way more.

4.Speak Up, even when your voice is trembling.
  • You want to be respected, and recognized right? Yet how often do you negate, belittle, or own voice? How often do you hold back in the moment..I the work meeting, in your friend group, with your partner because you're worried

  • "what will they think?"

  • "Am I crazy?"

  • "Can I trust them?"

Can I tell you something? Lacking trust in others is often tied to lacking trust in YOURSELF.

Learn to calm your mind and your energy by trusting your voice. Show yourself that you DO MATTER and that your opinions, thoughts, questions, and desires are all valid. Every time.

When you stop holding back + repressing your true thoughts, feelings, and desires, you will see your life change before your eyes.

When you stop hesitating + holding yourself back from taking up space fully, your anxiety will naturally dissipate because you aren't bottling up your experiences...

SPEAK UP. even when your voice is trembling. It's the only way you'll discover the strength you're really made of.

During my signature Embrace Your Essence Wellness Retreat, Trust, you receive a complimentary 1:1 private coaching session with me so we can bust through any + all of the blocks + barriers within you that are keeping YOU from showing up as your fullest self.

click the photo below for retreat details!

5. Respect your body as your home
  • The anxiety + other things you're harboring (anger, grief, loneliness, etc) are all living in your body. If you don't address your physical body as you work to heal those, your body starts to show signs of being unwell.

  • Just like your physical home, your body needs to be maintained, cared for, and cared ABOUT so that it can continue supporting you through your life and not start breaking or falling apart on you...

  • When you start to see your physical body as the container for your lived experiences, you realize how important it is to keep that container healthy, clean, and safe from being overrun by things like anxiety...

  • You also realize how sacred that it and how much joy it can bring you to consistently care for your body...

  • That might look like more consistent exercise for you...or it might mean scaling back your exercise and inviting in more gentle and calming movement that doesn't throw you back into competitor mode instantly (that was me for years, btw)...

I worked out at the gym for years and was hyper-vigilant about never missing a day. In fact, if I did miss a day at the gym, I beat myself up over it and felt my entire day was derailed...

It wasn't until I started expanding my understanding of physical wellness did I realize that intense physical exercise and the fitness that follows is only ONE PORTION of physical health.

I learned that my breath also has to be "exercised" daily to circulate Prana and keep my internal cycles running smoothly.

I learned yoga can prevent my body from getting hurt, achey, and it actually CURED my chronic back pain (I know, truly shocking)!!

The punch-line:

Take an honest + accurate look at your movement routines AND your mindset towards yourself as you do it...ask yourself, "how can I bring balance to my movement routine?" and then try something out...

Now that you've gotten 5 of the most powerful tips for healing anxiety that I wish someone had shared with me 10 years ago, TRY THEM OUT!

Pick 1 or 2 of the approaches that I shared with you above and start to integrate it into your life, in your actions, words, and thoughts.

I want to hear from you!

Drop a message in the comments below how your anxiety shows up + which approach towards healing your anxiety listed above you'll choose!



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